EA: Madden "Did not have the level of innovation as our other franchises"

GamesIndustry- Year in and year out, Madden is an event unto itself for EA Sports. The game is a constant chart topper in the US and it's one of the rare kinds of video games in the console space that even "non-gamers" will pick up at Walmart or Best Buy. For hardcore gamers and diehard pigskin fans, the Madden franchise hasn't brought much new to the table in recent years, and EA fully admits that, which is why this month's launch of Madden NFL 13 is so important.

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spunnups3882d ago

not buying another nfl game until another develoer has the rights to it, Madden is terrible

ddurand13882d ago

im glad you can live without football on your console, but i cant. I gave NCAA a try last year and it didnt fulfill my gridiron needs. Sucks, but ill have to grab madden this year.

Rainstorm813882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

Im the same way, and last year madden was the first one i found playable this gen.

With the infinity engine , I think Madden will finally be the next gen football game ive been waiting for

But this statement alone should open the eyes of NFL execs and make sure the NFL license goes public again.....They are pretty much saying we had exclusive NFL rights but we didnt care enough to do anything with it.....We only acquired it to keep it out of 2K sports' hands

Lvl_up_gamer3881d ago

@ da_2pacalypse

EA gave us the true stick handling and shooting using the thumb sticks on the controllers since NHL 09.

Sports wise, I would say EA is a leading factor in their games. Tiger woods using motion control and thumb sticks rather than old school golf games like hitting the A or B button. FIFA soccer keeps getting more and more realistic (as close as you can get with current tech). Madden seems to be the exception in their games catalog that has been stagnant for so many years, however I would say that at least each year they "tried" to better the next game from the previous regardless of how minimal it was.

JhawkFootball063881d ago

NBA 2k is honestly the only sports game that I can play year around and still have fun with it. 2k has found a way to make the game fun and strongly realistic. I honestly get bored with EA's football games after a month or so, and with football being my favorite sport, it is upsetting.

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DeadlyFire3882d ago

Just wait until they try to cash in the Free to Play market with madden. Probably launch Madden 20 decade edition MMO! Updating/patching gameplay as it goes and lasting an entire console generation with you buying rosters, and small elements of the game.

Blaze9293881d ago

I still remember: NFL 2k5, $19.99 USD, praised up and down the boards - Madden NFL 2005, $49.99 USD, crappy game, EA buys NFL license. assholes

Timmer3882d ago

It's one thing to state that they haven't done jack shit to the game since 05. It's another thing to do something about it.

If 13 brings a lot more than just the generic Madden experience, I'll pick it up and may consider purchasing 14.

Still, this might not have happened if the NFL didn't sign the exclusivity contract with EA and let EA and 2k Sports compete against each other.

SleazyChimp3882d ago

2K 13 would be badass right about now! You would think that a business that thrives on competition like the NFL would understand that Madden would be a better game if it had competition from the 2k.

Rainstorm813882d ago

Yep just look at what 2K sports did against NBA live..... surely they wouldve embarassed Madden Devs by now.

If 2K still had the NFL license, EA wouldve focused on Madden and not FIFA this gen

JBSleek3882d ago

If you honestly think that 2k can compete with Madden on football in one year that is kinda crazy.

2k makes one good sports franchise that has its own issues as well such as speed and limited animations. 2K isn't the standard for sporting games if anything Fifa is.

ddurand13882d ago

NBA is the only 2K game worth playing when compared to its EA counterpart.

Outside_ofthe_Box3882d ago


2K has always excelled at Football and Basketball games. Had 2K never lost the NFL license, I think Madden would go the way of Live...

ddurand13881d ago

But 2K doenst have an NFL licesne so thats irrelevant.

MLB the show is far superior to MLB 2K.

EANHL killed off NHL 2K.

2KNBA is the only 2K game worth playing when compared to its counterpart , right now.

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Outside_ofthe_Box3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

***"It's one thing to state that they haven't done jack shit to the game since 05. It's another thing to do something about it."***

Exactly what I was thinking. They say that they haven't been innovative enough, but they aren't going to anything about it because they don't have to. Madden continues to sell so of course they aren't going to change anything.

Timmer3882d ago

@JBSleek and ddurand1

Have you not played any of the 2k football games? They were great. Especially 2K5, the holy grail of realistic football sims. It was because 2K5 was so well done, and it was $20 at launch, that EA and NFL created the deal for exclusivity.

I still think First-Person Football was the most underrated aspect of that game.

Oh_Yeah3881d ago (Edited 3881d ago )

i still play nfl 2k5 on my 360 with updated 2011-2012 rosters. theres people still supporting the game 8 years from now! that says something. ive tried every madden this gen...still not on the level of 2k5's gameplay and presentation, slowly and i mean SLOWLY madden is getting there.

if anyone is disappointed once again with madden, go pick up 2k5 for 99 cents and the rosters heres a link

ddurand13881d ago

"were great."

they havent been out for nearly a decade. thats a moot irrelevant point.

I know how good the football games were, I owned them.

ChunkyLover533882d ago

That is what happens when you have no competition, your not really pushed to do anything. That is why 2005's version of Madden was pretty good, they were in direct competition with NFL 2K5 and both games were solid, though 2K5 was still better, even though Madden had the better cover athlete that year for sure.

cedaridge3882d ago

I think Madden 13 will be a good game since they are using a New Physics engine (Infinity). I do expect glitches since this will be there 1st time doing this. with that said " i will reserver my final judgement until I see it for myself." But from what I have seen so far i'll be picking it up! psn: cedaridge / xbl: cedar4Thunder

Soldierone3882d ago

They say this every year! "Oh we didn't push the boundaries far enough, BUT WE DID THIS YEAR! Look, the grass actually looks decent this time!" So lame.....

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