Good Quality FFXIII and FFVersusXIII Screens

From ff-xiii.net:

"Here's some pretty screens of Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII from Famitsu, nothing new unfortunately. They are better quality than the images from the scans, so still worth an update. This is for you photoshop-a-holics and, um, visual-philes?"

Joey Gladstone6010d ago

these pictures really made me say WOW......there is incredible detail in both the faces and attire.......upon its release i might actually have to look into picking up a FF game lol .......
."The JOEY has Spoken"

f7ss16010d ago

Im pretty sure theres a screen or two in here that havent been on this site yet,like the one i have in the story picture. And they're alot better quality then the magazine scans we've been seeing for a while now too

vloeistof6010d ago

i so wanna see the jump festa trailers

superman6010d ago

The game looks good. I see this game coming out Christmas this year in Japan, next year in America.

aceman76010d ago

Would like to see some gameplay.

fenderputty6010d ago

There's a lot of games that I want info on during GDC. FFXIII, KZ2, RFOM2, GT5, LBP, MGS4, White Knight Story, Wardeveil, LA Noir, Heavy Rain, GoW3 and hell why not toss in some Motorstorm 2 while they're at it.

Darkiewonder6010d ago (Edited 6010d ago )

The only thing I know is they'll show off a new engine. they must be showing something Final Fantasy related since it's an engine for FFXIII lol. Here's hoping something new and it's GDC. can they really have it Private? [Yes, K2 was lol]

Btw. I think Motorstorm 2 will be there too in some shape or form.

fenderputty6010d ago

Here's to hoping Sony tosses us a bone.

meepmoopmeep6010d ago

in video form... but screens are nice as well