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Lord_Sloth2352d ago

Any estimate on pricing?

MizTv2352d ago

peace walker for vita please

MySwordIsHeavenly2352d ago

Is there a way to start a petition? I'm on a boycott until we get one. I refuse to buy the collection for Vita because Peace Walker wasn't in it.

boybato2352d ago

I gave in buying the Vita version after being hyped with the 2.00 MGS4 patch. Though I am dissatisfied with the lack of Peace Walker I believe I did get my money's worth considering the price I purchased the collection for ($20.00). Thus, I am re experiencing the sage both on my PS3 and Vita.

NewMonday2352d ago

you can get the PSP version on the Vita, Konami won't release the HD version for the PSV

wnek92352d ago

only if you transfer from a ps3

Bigkurz852351d ago

who the hell owns a vita that doesn't have a playstation 3? it's pretty simple to get peace walker on it

PirateThom2351d ago

I have Peace Walker on PSP... on UMD... I want a version that works properly with sticks and has trophies.

Not a huge deal and didn't put me off, but I'd happily pay for a stand alone version of PW.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2352d ago

This is nice for those who only want a specific hd game instead of a bundle of ones you might not play.
~ I have the mgs collection and its stellar.

ginsunuva2352d ago

Wow. Just wow. Since release I've been waiting for separate releases so I could buy MGS3 because I didn't want more copies of PW or Mgs2 again. But I gave up after 10 months and bought the collection just this morning. A couple hours later they reveal this. Wow.

NoFanboyRequired2352d ago

I want the first one to hit xbox live. Game was great fun when i was a kid :)

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