Halo Wars Coming to PC with Cross-Platform Support

Touted as an Xbox 360 exclusive, Halo Wars, according to an insider at Microsoft, will be out on the PC with cross platform support that will allow Xbox LIVE and Games for Windows LIVE players to play together, in addition to sporting an online gameplay system modeled after World in Conflict and Company of Heroes.

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Odion3914d ago

Dam I hope its true, cause if it runs on my PC I am so getting it for that, so I can take on everyone!

TheSadTruth3914d ago

I think this is pretty ridiculous. This game will not be able to compete with Starcraft II. You also cannot compete with PC gamers while using a controller. It is possible with first person shooters to some degree because you can allow autoaim, aim assist and higher bullet magnetism but I just don't think this will work at all. Keep it console exclusive, because the PC crowd isn't exactly into the Halo franchise anyways.

3914d ago
season0073914d ago

since i am trading in my xbox360, i guess i can still get a chance to mess with this game then....

sonarus3914d ago

lol trading in my 360 too but halo wars isnt the game i want its ninja gaiden lol. So i am gonna try to hold out till then and am sure by then there will be some other msoft game i really wanna play.

zonetrooper53914d ago

If this also runs on my PC then I will get it on that rather than my 360, I've always wished it was for the PC as well so this should be great news. I wonder when they will make an Ages of Empires 4?

predator3914d ago

well i think they will shoot themselves in the foot if they do this, at least give the 360 version a few months head start, i really wanted to try this out on the 360 but they will loose sales if its comes to the PC at the same time

INehalemEXI3914d ago

Yah, Whats up with MS stealing its own exclusives...

power of Green 3914d ago (Edited 3914d ago )

MSFT's makes sales off of both their platforms.

I could imagine some PC gamers that would never play this genre on a console and others that can care less, MSFT wins.

Its like saying past Halo games on PC would hurt console sales.

I thought the PC market is failing?.

heyheyhey3914d ago


your right M$ still make bucketloads of the green stuff, but like predator said- they should give the 360 version a head start, because it might turn out to be a system seller

btw this gamer zone thing is trippy- i am having a mature discussion with you

Charlie26883914d ago (Edited 3914d ago )

They would actually be winning more sales since you will be giving it to the people that are Halo fans but were reluctant to get the game since it was a RTS on a console but now if you tell them its on PC with M&K support they will probably pick it up same goes for the fans of the Halo PC version of the games that probably don't have a 360 and now have the chance to get this one too

In my case if you confirm me that there will be Achievements in the PC version be sure ill be picking that one up over the 360 version

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xsteinbachx3914d ago

good now i won't need an xbox to enjoy this game. i'm just waiting on halo 3 to come to the PC so i can finally finish the story for myself.