IGN's Just Cause 2 Q&A

IGN loved the original Just Cause. Sure, it had its fair share of shortcomings but nothing could (or can, for that matter) beat the sensation of freefalling from 10,000 feet while taking in the sunset over the tropical island that provided the backdrop for the game.

Not one to rest on its laurels, Avalance is hard at work on a sequel that promises to be bigger, better and more beautiful. IGN caught up with Peter Johansson, lead designer on the game, to find out what's in store.

IGN: Can we expect multiplayer modes alongside the single-player game in Just Cause 2?

Peter Johansson: You know, Rico's ego is pretty big. Even though Panau is a large place we found it wasn't big enough for two Ricos.

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sak5004377d ago

I hope the attrocious pop-in (cars/trees/buildings appeared suddenly 30 feet in front) has been taken care of.