Masahiro Sakurai Talks Super Smash Bros. 4


Masahiro Sakurai, the man behind the Super Smash Bros. franchise, has teased what fans can expect from the next entry in the series.

Up until now very little has been revealed about the as-yet-untitled Smash Bros. game planned for Nintendo's Wii U and 3DS, aside from the fact it's being developed by Namco.

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Relientk773131d ago

Sounds great to me. I am excitied for a new Smash Bros.

gamerben3131d ago

I'm not sure about this namco business. it's a good company, but for a game based off of nintendo characters, you would expect it to be developed by nintendo themselves.

Diegon3131d ago

the legend of zelda minish cap = nintendo/capcom
metroid prime = nintendo/retro
donkey kong country returns = nintendo/ retro

now if its the more controversial metroid other m maybe but it wasnt all bad in my opinion

gamerben3131d ago

Still, I see no reason why nintendo needs namco to develop the next smash bros game, it seems nonsensical.

As for Other M, it seems like more and more people are beginning to like that game. Which I really don't understand, imo the gameplay was equally as bad as the story. The controls are downright silly. If they wanted to make it feel more like a 2D metroid game, then they should have made it 2D (or 2.5d). the 3D depth doesn't allow you to control the game like you would want. if you want to aim upwards, you have to flick the remote at the screen, which is very tedious.

ChickeyCantor3131d ago

It's not a matter of need, but a matter of realizing that Namco could probably contribute to the franchise. Their mindsets are different. Sakurai is still in charge. I dont see why he would destroy his own game.

DarkBlood3131d ago

we are forgetting that the reason they have another company involve is to make the development go faster so we dont have to wait so long

Sgt_Slaughter3131d ago

This better release quicker than Brawl did... having an E3-announced delay is low. XD

I'll be playing P.A.S.B.Y. in the meantime to hold me over.

TotalSynthesisX3131d ago

2013? That's a surprise. I figured it would be at least 2014 before it's released. Hopefully it won't be rushed.

And I don't like this Namco deal. Smash Bros is supposed to be fully Nintendo. That also leads me to my next point: As much as I enjoyed Snake and Sonic in Brawl, I don't think Smash 4 should have any third-parties. It just ruins the "Nintendo" aspect of it. I mean, I used to think (way back when Snake was announced to appear in Brawl) that whoever said including third-parties is not a good idea was crazy. Now I know where they're coming from.

Anyway... regardless of how many 3Ps appear, I'll have it preordered as soon as I can.

gamerben3131d ago

I agree, there are so many articles like "ADD MEGAMAN, ADD BOMBERMAN, ADD CLOUD, etc." It's like after solid snake was unveiled for brawl, people now view it as a "Videogame allstars fight" rather than a "nintendo allstars fight"

Firelotus23131d ago

I had to put in immense amounts of effort in order to restrain myself for making the troll comment: "What is this game that's trying to rip off Playstation All Stars?". I didn't want to establish myself as a troll being a new user. However controversial though I feel that Nintendo's new controller will prove to be an extraordinary addition to the Super Smash Gameplay that we've all grown to love. Even though I've never owned Super Smash Bros. Brawl, I played it very often and actually enjoyed the various options in terms of controllers.