Secret X-Box Live Arcade Title Revealed

The original Doom is rumoured to be seeing a release later today, with a much higher resolution, 5.1 sound, 4 player split-screen co-op, and on and offline multiplayer, all for the comparitvely low price of 800mp.

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T-Rac5915d ago

I havent downloaded a single arcade title... IMO they are never worth 200/400/800 or however many marketplace points....

but Doom is in a whole new league :D

FordGTGuy5915d ago

does that really equal the amount of money they would get off someone in an arcade.

JPomper5915d ago

Guys, it's Doom with online multiplayer for cheaper than the G.R.A.W. map pack. Finally a live arcade title worth purchasing.

Dusk5915d ago

Fond memories. This is the game that started my long, never-diminishing relationship with FPS's.

willud4skins5915d ago

awesome! now only if i had some microsoft points :(

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