‘Timesplitters 4 interest isn’t high enough yet, surprises may come soon’ – Crytek

Crytek’s Cevat Yerli has revealed to VG247 that, although the studio is aware that many people want the series to return, it simply isn’t high enough to justify the project yet. But it is high enough to get the developer thinking about it.

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Wizziokid2316d ago

"many people want the series to return, it simply isn’t high enough to justify the project"

you serious? what more do people need to do

DarkTower8052316d ago

Nobody asked for a Crysis game on consoles, but that didn't stop them. They even took the time to redo Crysis 1. Why not remaster the Timesplitter games?

yabhero2316d ago

That was obviously a logic decision. They wanted to make more money on a later market do the ported in to consoles...

-Alpha2316d ago

Like JRPGs these games just arent favored this gen unless its all gritty and generically dependent on war themes.

Persobally, Id like to see this on VITA

IQUITN4G2316d ago

Yeah i'd agree with that too. I love the Timesplitters series but not everyone does enough i guess for them to sell in large enough quantities. Jrpg are selling less and less now as well

Stupid disagrees because you're apparently bashing the franchise

-Alpha2316d ago

^ maybe because i prefer vita exclusivity. i just think that the vita would b a modest market for a modest shooter that has no intentions of being some AAA mega hype expensively budgeted blockbuster

CarlosX3602316d ago

I would love a new TimeSplitters game, and I think this is the BEST time to release it. Halo 4, Black Ops 2, and Crysis 3. What you waiting for, Crytek!?

iamnsuperman2316d ago

How dare they say such a thing. Have they really asked? They should just send out a survey and see

matgrowcott2316d ago

The problem is, who would they send the survey out to?

"Dear Timesplitters fans,

Would you like a new Timesplitters game?"

Even the gaming community as a whole would probably be be quite receptive to the idea (given that it's a well-loved franchise). The question isn't whether clued-up internet-visiting gamers want a new game but whether the people who only buy 4 or 5 games a year would be interested enough to buy into it.

A game needs more than the support of Reddit and N4G to be a success, especially a game in a franchise known for its massive amount of additional content.

guitarded772316d ago

Facebook and Twitter would be a good place to ask. Social media has its uses.

slavish2316d ago

if you announce it I bet interest rise 10 fold!

GammaSix2316d ago

They really need to make this game

majiebeast2316d ago (Edited 2316d ago )

Timesplitters 4>>>>Homefront 2>>>>Crysis 3

Priorities Crytek doesnt have em.

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The story is too old to be commented.