No More Heroes Review from IGN UK

Matt Wales of IGN UK writes:

"Ultimately, you'll probably look at No More Heroes's peculiarities as either inherent flaws, justifiably, or accept them as deliberate design decisions. Think Silent Hill 2's purposefully debilidating combat and endless procession of locked doors. Similarly to Konami's horror opus, in fact, the more you invest in exploring No More Heroes's minutiae, the more you'll get out of its singular mode of story telling – there's barely a lump of on-screen furniture or intentionally duff moment here that doesn't have some relevance to proceedings. True enough, that doesn't always make for the most riveting gameplay experience by design but anyone who lives for creativity – and indeed games that dare experiment with an entire lifetime of clichés and conventions – would be foolish to miss Grasshopper's relentlessly inventive, uniquely entertaining Wii debut."

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3rdDimension4372d ago

As the subject titled stated, N4G has the wrong score listed for the IGN UK review of No More Heroes. The correct score should be an 8.9! Follow the link below to IGN UK's review.