Burnout Paradise Review Xbox 360 & PS3 From

ZTGD reviews Criterion's latest chapter in the Burnout franchise. Find out if it advances the series with open world racing or causes it to take two steps backward.

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Fighter4371d ago

I agree that EA traxx is really, really horrible and the exclusion of crash mode will not please the Burnout enthusiasts but it's still a great game nonetheless.

Joey Gladstone4370d ago (Edited 4370d ago )

Why didnt they dock the Xbox360's score for requiring the people to have a Hard Drive to play the online??? Without a hard drive you essentially have no online for Burnout on the 360......didnt they dock Uncharted, Ratchet, etc for not having online?? But they praised BioShock for not needing it???it just seems a little Backwards to me.......
......"The JOEY has Spoken"

v1c1ous4370d ago

what are you doing in the gamer zone?

Gina-get-u4370d ago (Edited 4370d ago )

The Core/Arcade is a baaaad value, no question about it. But that's true of almost every "economy" level sku in any product line, from cars to appliances. So why ding the game instead of the SKU? If you bought an Arcade/Core, isn't it your fault for practicing false economy that you can't play this game online?

Off-topic, but I think MS should allow devs to require the HD and either phase out the Arcade/Core model or at least warn consumers more clearly that they are giving up a lot of functionality in exchange for the $70.00 "savings." What little strategic marketing sense this SKU had in 2006 is gone in 2008. Once the Arcade/Core is gone, they can finally drop the price on the spare HDDs, because they would no longer need to maintain price differentiation between the budget SKU and the mid-level pro/platinum model.


i guess they havent been online yet or try out SHOWTIME.8.5 is a joke.this game is amazing,its a buy!PLAY B3YOND

BLUR1114370d ago

true... 8.5 is a joke. its is awesome shoulda been over a 9 score. one ? um y are you a ps3 fanboy with that avatar when ut3 is based as a pc game and also coming the 360 later?

ZeroTolerance4370d ago

No we didn't dock Uncharted, in fact it received a 9.5 from us. I didn't dock it for requiring the hard drive to play online for the same reason I didn't dock the PS3 score for not having custom soundtracks and rumble.

Apokalypsis4370d ago (Edited 4370d ago )

custom soundtracks and rumble are external features from the actual game and wont affect the purchased product, but the addition or lack thereof a hardrive for the Xbox360 could leave you with only HALF of a Burnout game (minus any online play) now how does this not warrant any adjustment to the score?????

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