Footage of Alan Wake

During the Intel Developer Forum conference last night, Remedy was invited to show how Alan Wake looks today. It was played on a PC, but the Xbox 360 version shouldn't be much different.

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TheMART5916d ago

OMG see this ingame footage running on multicore 3.2 Ghz PC/360 taking full advantage of the 360 also...

Damn that hasn't been shown before a cyclone like that! What a game

Deceased5916d ago (Edited 5916d ago )

Visuals, a must buy for me. Semms very interesting and unique. I am glad I have a 360, cause the games coming out this fall, and early 2007 are going to be kick a$$. The only thing that will limit the 360 is its ram capacity, which the PS3 has less of, so that is the reason blu-ray will never help the PS3's visuals it can only hold 256mb of game memory, now if it had 1gb or 2gb then the PS3 would rock hard. This is one of the reasons I still game on the PC, more ram = way better visuals.

TheMART5916d ago

True about the ram. Only a few differences.

PC has to devide it's resources on many, many tasks. Open the Win control panel to see what is running all at the same time and takes up System memory.

So if you have 1 GB, I am curious what's left over for gaming. Win XP/Vista eats memory resources. And what about all the other things that is loading before Windows has started up?

ANd after that, the use of the memory, is that optimal?

For real. The 360 has a dashboard that's small in it's use and total existence. The original XBOX dashboard was huge compared to this. I think I've read even that the 360 dashboard/kernel only is a few MB's in size, where the XBOX one was over 40 MB.

So it's almost 512 MB of flexible memory for doing the tasks only on gaming. That combined with a triplecore processor (compared to most people having a single core/duocore at most) and the speed that is possible with a good DVD player I guess there is a difference, but still I am curious how big it would be when games are optimalized for the 360!

Although I would have liked to have 1 GB Ram in that monster ;) But I guess like the competition/Sony also uses 512 MB total memory but less flexible, 360 will be the nr. 1 console with memory use and capable of doing this games in the first place. Especially because the 360 GPU is special build and stronger then the PS3 standard card

ImTheNumber125916d ago

That was incredible. I hope the 360 can do this and do it smoothly.

Antan5916d ago

Very good, though the machine was quad core overclocked to 3.7 ghz, i wonder if it was the Quad Core Extreme? Its great to see people finally make use of multicore processors, but making use in a variety of ways, certainly not seen before (anyone remember a cyclone in a game? of course not a detailed as this). I just hope there is a great game to go with the already impressive engine.

FadeToBlack5916d ago

My jaw is still hanging....

Donkey Slayer5916d ago

I was wondering what was going on with this game. The old trailer with the Monks was very cool as well.

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