Yakuza Producer Will Announce Something Tomorrow

Announcement teased on personal blog.

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black9113095d ago

It better stay Exclusive.

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Blankman853095d ago

Would not be a major loss/gain either way. Mediocre franchise.

Canary3095d ago

No, it's a very good franchise that does what it does very, very well, and manages to take risks with very different premises for some games while staying true to the franchise' core in others.

The word you're looking for is "ambivalent."

You being ambivalent about a franchise does not make that franchise mediocre.

Myself, personally, I couldn't give a flying **** about God of War. Not a one. The difference between you and me is I don't confuse my opinion of that franchise with fact and make sweepingly inaccurate assertions regarding its quality.

dc13094d ago

Very good !

HebrewHammer3095d ago

KAZUMA KIRYU in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale?

HarryMasonHerpderp3094d ago

That would be awesome, never thought of that!

Action GO FIGURE3094d ago

I wouldn't be worried about the exclusivity of this game.

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r213095d ago

by the time yakuza reaches that number, there'll be CoD MW38774883, Ultra Ultimate Sunshine Mario Mega Jump and Halo 33.

HebrewHammer3095d ago

Those will be cool, but I'm pumped for Madden 34020570275-92

Alos883095d ago

This was posted yesterday, so technically we'll hear about this today. Here's hoping it's a localisation announcement!

AgreeFairy3095d ago

So this blog site couldn't wait one more day to actually tell people something? Instead they rush out an article of an announcement about something that will be announced instead to try and get hits to their already dying site.

dc13094d ago

Its called a notification and its greatly appreciated.

Not every site is out to get cheap hits from the flame Fairy ... No offence!

jc485733094d ago

dream come true if it's getting localization

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