NHL 13 Hands-On (Prima Games)

EA's latest hockey game could be its best to date.

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TheLeapist4335d ago

Links broken. I'm quite excited for this one. I was getting pretty dang sick of the 7 goalie animations. :p

asdavey4335d ago

yeah as said above link is broken


I'm in an Abusive Relationship with EA Sports

Adam Burton of Laser Lemming Writes "

Im in an abusive relationship with EA Sports

There.. I said it.

For some reason I didn’t really want to admit it to myself until now, like some abuse victim who still thinks they can change him for the better. I reassured myself with anything good that I could find and ignored the horror that lay before me, but no more. Today I’ve decided to give them an ultimatum. Change your ways or lose me forever."

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ChickenOfTheCaveMan3899d ago

I used to be a NHL2K guy and I'm so sad I have to get EA's game.

They're so lazy, I mean, how hard is it to get the in-game player faces right on more than like 20%.

The menus are pathetic and graphics are okay.
No wonder their NBA games are failing.

Anyways, the game is still fun, but it should be so much nicer.


Trades Winds: Does Sports Game AI Match Up To Real GMs?

GameInformer: "We try to recreate the biggest sports trades of the past seasons in NBA 2K13, NHL 13, and Madden NHL 13. Which, if any, series gets it right?"

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Canadian Video Game Deals/Sales: May 17th–23rd – Giant Game Days Sale at EB Games

It isn’t even a contest this week as EB Games completely dominates everybody else with their Game Days sale. Since there’s so many deals, we’ll just skip right ahead to the action.

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TrendyGamers4052d ago

Quite a few recycled deals but overall pretty good!

dbjj120884052d ago

So nice you used the deal twice.

dbjj120884052d ago

Pretty good deal for anyone looking to buy a PS3 before The Last of Us.

HyperBear4052d ago

So I can get a White 500GB PS3 with a yr subscription to PS+ and all the free games I can download($299.99). Plus, get a White Assassins Creed PS Vita with the game and memory card($249.99) and then get PSASBR which I can play on both systems ($39.99). Reg Price = $589.97...EB sale price = $449.98.

Thats not bad, saving a $140 and I can get reacquainted with PlayStation before PS4 launches....hmmmm