X-Play Hands On: Ninja Gaiden 2

X-Play gets an early look at Ninja Gaiden 2 from creator Tomonobu Itagaki.

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DrPirate4374d ago

Game still looks phenomenal and absolutely incredible.

If it's as responsive and fun to play as the first Ninja Gaiden, 360 users are in for one hell of a game.

Also, I love the inclusion of gore and blood, definitely keeps things alot more gritty and bloodlustful than the previous entries of the series.

KILLERAPP4374d ago

I love how the heads just come off

niall774374d ago

even though they have sad they are making it less challanging then NG1.

but a easy Ninja Guiden just isnt right.

FirstknighT4374d ago

I fully agree. Ninja Gaiden is a hardcore action game and should always be that way. I would be greatly disappointed if they made it easier for the noobs.

gamesblow4374d ago

This doesn't look any better "graphically" than the PS3's (1ST GEN) offering in sigma. Now, the animations do look amazing. That I grant you, but the rest of the picture and what I'm seeing here isn't really showing what the xbox 360 has left under the hood after 3 years on the market, almost 4 by the time this game hits.

Sorry.... xbox 360 is looking very dated when stacked next to the Ps3 as the days pass.

BloodySinner4374d ago

Then take off those fanboy goggles. Perhaps you'll see better.

HarryEtTubMan4374d ago

lo say what u doesn't look any better. Ninja Gaiden is a rental at best. You will see. One play through with horrible dialogue and story... this isn't that great of a gmae.

Kratos will ABSOLUTELY DESTROY this douche... and God of War is the best Hack and Slash in that genre... BY ALOT. God of War PWNS SO HARD.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4374d ago

and these two reak of it. These two were loving this game when it was still considered multiplatform but now they hate. Just type in Ninja Gaiden 2, or any rumor of this game going PS3 and you will see these two hypocrites talking how much they love it. Now they drop in to hate what they can't have, but all it realy does is show the world how jealous they are. I bet these two have Sigma on the PS3 and dream of some more but know they are just not getting a slice of this great tasting pie.

So go on droids do what you do best :) cry, whine and cry some more. SNIFF SNIFF BOO HOO. I like How Harry says one of the highest rated games franchises is "just a rent". Hey Harry you know that nasty smelling odor you smell? thats jealousy and it smells like ass.

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The story is too old to be commented.