Did Xbox Live's outage contribute to PSN Boom?

The author tries to draw a parallel between the recent Xbox Live outages and the enormous spike in PSN activity in Europe and the US.

From the article: "It's interesting how closely this turn of events for PSN follows the recent "not outage" with Xbox Live. I wonder how many dual-console owners got sick of getting kicked out of CoD4 and decided to try moving their ethernet cable over to their Blu-ray player."

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JSA-Gamer4378d ago

In any event, two HEALTHY online services is good for everyone. A healthy PSN helps XBL users, just as the pressure from XBL's success has spurred innovation and attention to Sony's offering.

Either way... Win... Win... Win... Situation for everyone.

mikeslemonade4378d ago

I know someone who bought a PS3 just because he couldn't access xbl. He never even owned a PS2 or PS1. Microsoft is dropping the ball.

GamerSigma4378d ago

If they hear footsteps coming from Sony's end of the hall.

kevoncox4378d ago

I can't access xbox live so i'll go buy a ps3..
Could it be that both consoles had a crap load of sales this gen so psn usage is up....Could it be that there is a game drought so that single player campains are being completed and mor epeople are turning to the multiplayer action?

creeping judas4378d ago

I know one person who decided to go outside for a walk, and get fresh air when their XBL went down. CRAZY?

mikeslemonade4377d ago (Edited 4377d ago )

Why don't you go message him his name is NickH29 and he was so disappointed with live that he bought a PS3 two weeks ago with Unreal 3 and just recently Warhawk. Oh yea that's right you guys who are critcizing me don't even own a PS3. Why don't you guys try a system before bashing it?

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GamerSigma4378d ago

Having never used PSN, I must say this is exciting. Having two of anything is better for all of us. Let MS and SOny Duke it out, now that Sony has decided to get serious. We'll all stand behind them and catch their change as the fling each other around.

Good times. Congrats PS3 folks!

Chris_GTR14378d ago

yea.. its too bad sony dosent care about the consumer... weve been quiting the game to read text messages all year long.. still waiting for in game xmb

Sarick4377d ago (Edited 4377d ago )

I think you need to look at the RROD issue. MS still hasn't totally fixed their console. Their still selling new consoles with 10% or higher failure rates.

PSN is a work in progress that worked from the start the way Sony designed it. PSN was designed to be upgraded to the same or near quality of Live. The RROD was a defected product from the start the way it was designed. MS is still releasing products with high failure rates and it took them a long time to officaily announce their consoles where defective in the process. I'm sorry that you look blindly over the fact that MS denied customers the truth solely to keep the public from hearing about RROD issues.

Recently I baught a PS2 game and it was new fresh off the shelf. It was incompatible with the PS3. Within 1 month Sony fixed it after writing them. Sony is trying to make psn better and has even said so on the playstation blogs "we want suggestions and comments"

They've altered several practices and manufactured PS3 products all to suit us as customers.

You telling people they don't care invalidates your reputation as a reliable source. Sure Sony screeed up but now their fingers got smacked for their mistakes. Now their listening to customers again and not offering "i'm sorry" makeup gifts for every time they screw up. It's obvious Sony is desperately trying to get back the customers confidence they lost. MS is doing the same thing but only offer pain kilkers and never seem to be offering a cure.

I'm sorry but multiple RROD have made me sceptical about this whole love hate relationship this gen. I'm sorry gifts are bribes to the customers. It's amazing people are gullible enough to believe that these bribes do anything to actually fix the problems.

zonetrooper54378d ago

Isn't there 10 million XBL users, gold and sliver? and there is nearly 10 million PS3's sold so you could assume that some these XBL members like me also own a PS3. I didn't go on XBL while it was down for the week or two, too much work tbh.

wageslave4378d ago

Xbox LIVE was never down for a week. That is inaccurate. There were intermittent problems, that only some people encountered.

That does not mean "down". "Down" means 0 service, which never happened.

Hitman_Legend4378d ago

please go to the openzone, you saying that is like saying the holocaust never happened...

socomnick4377d ago

What wageslave said was 100 percent correct and in no way fanboyish.
I had service all throughout the "outage" only thing that acted funny was cod 4.

WilliamRLBaker4377d ago

wages slave is correct I had one problem and that was a 15 minute down time and that was it i never had a problem with any game including COD4.

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PSWe604378d ago

whatever helps PSN, it always seems like PSN had a healthy amount of users, in North America anyway

athlon7704378d ago

I showed him both the 360 and the PS3 before Christmas, and he had decided to get the 360 (most of our co-workers have a 360), but then the issues with live, and other things related with MS and he decided to pick up the PS3 this last weekend. Enjoying it greatly.

BubblesDAVERAGE4378d ago

I think i need to get the update because its not like it use to be..

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