Skaterboy Tell Em: PS3 Exclusives & More

A new insider, whom Surfer Girl says is just as reliable as her, has risen from inside the Blogger universe. This new inside is ironically named Skaterboy.

Skaterboy's posts aren't much PLAYSTATION 3 related (the new ones at least), so onAXIS dug through some of the comments Skaterboy answered from his recent posts and found all onAXIS could that are related to the PLAYSTAITON 3.

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mighty_douche6012d ago

surfer girl recommends skaterboy huh....?

People just believe any old crap written on the net huh? the only things these "insiders" actually get right are the same as anyone who takes an educated guess.

stop wasting your time. All these blogs do is create more flame wars or give you false hope.

sonarus6012d ago

hahaha skateboy tell em. Well here's a new guy hear claiming to be an insider you either believe him or you don't. It is nice to have these insiders too though. Surfer girl has proved herself somewhat credible but all their info should still be taken with a grain of salt

BubblesDAVERAGE6012d ago

I doubt that.....if anything a spin off will be on the wii or even the first two with wii controls

ChickeyCantor6012d ago (Edited 6012d ago )

wait i missunderstood XD

zonetrooper56012d ago

Hmm dislege is that you as skaterboy lol?

ParaDise_LosT6012d ago

Can 'predict' news about anything and everything about the gaming industry.

-Guaranteed to be as reliable as both surfer girl and Skater Boy

niall776012d ago

and why do people belive her(maybe him)