Information on Crisis Core's Shinra UMD case

North American gamers who pre-order Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII will get a UMD case branded with the Shinra Electric Company logo. Siliconera asks, "how many UMDs does the case hold?" Square-Enix got back to them with an answer.

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meepmoopmeep4373d ago

it's free so i don't mind getting stuff for free and i am in need for a UMD case anyway.

rawg4373d ago

but it's kind of lame that it only holds 2 UMDs.

eh - it's free.

Lord_Ash4373d ago

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This month we’ll Have Patapon and next month God of War and FF: Crisis Core, Can't Wait.

Lord_Ash4373d ago

Only 2! oh well free stuff can't hurt and I don't even have a case, I use a plastic bag which is just lame...

Seraphim4373d ago

yeah, a little disappointing that it only holds 2 discs. I figured it would hold 3... I had a $25 certificate so I was planning on ordering Crisis Core from them anyway. This is nothing more than a cool, trivial bonus that might get me more money for the game IF I ever resell it... ;)

also, the Altoids Sours case only holds 3 games comfortably. If you cram 4 games into the case you run the risk of cracking the plastic case that holds the UMD disc...

RAF-TECH4373d ago

with english menu...???

I havent yet but is it playable?

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