CVG: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

CVG writes:

"It is a time of peace - the first concrete details of The Force Unleashed are here and things are looking good.

You're cast as 'the Apprentice', the secret understudy of Darth Vader, who is being used by the evil one to carry out super-important and secret missions in the period between Episodes III and IV.

For unknown reasons Vader wants your existence kept hidden from the Emperor, and so Stormtroopers are as much your foe as the dastardly Rebels.

The worry with The Force Unleashed was always that, in comparison to the power-guzzling engines and visuals of the PS3 and 360 versions, the Wii will receive a basic port that isn't worthy of its superior powers."

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jedistev4379d ago

Sound Great....must get this...Jedi duel battle...droooling...

Hope it will be online..finger cross...if not i can play sabermote alone ;-P