Savage 2: A Tortured Soul - Game Almighty Review

Choose your faction, beast or man, and join others online as you fight for glory and survival.

The Good:

• Sharp visual presentation
• Mix of RTS, 3rd person, and FPS flows together well
• Tiered servers ensure no rookie frustration

The Evil:

• Game is a little complex to simply jump in to
• Some lag on servers may result in accidental death

The Almighty Score: 7.5

"Savage 2 is something of an anomaly in the current lineup of PC games, borrowing elements from Natural Selection, Planetside, Hellgate: London and others. Whether you're a RTS fan, a FPS junkie, or you're looking for the next great competitive action RPG, you'll find something to like in Savage 2."

Review by: Phillip Radke

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