Blu-ray Player Sales Outpace HD DVD in Germany, Not Including PS3

HDTV UK writes:

"A report from the Blu-ray Group Deutschland suggests that standalone Blu-ray players are outselling HD DVD players by two-to-one, according to surveys taken by GfK in the second week of January. This doesn't include sales of Sony's PlayStation 3, either."

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OC_MurphysLaw4372d ago

Is it me..or is it time to stop posting this crap already? This is supposed to be a gaming site...and yes it does cover tech news as it relates to gaming...but honestly the constant reporting of "sales figures" of movie players & movies is getting OLD.

2 cents4372d ago

By the # of the disagrees looks like is just you.

mighty_douche4372d ago

NO WAY?! and with all the positive HD-DVD press floating around lately? Oooh im shocked o_O