Are Games Transitioning From a Product to a Service?

It started with MMORPG's years ago -- a subscription-based business model for a video game. Years later, Microsoft's Xbox brought a similar idea to consoles with Xbox Live. Now, this idea is more present in the industry than ever. Sony has Playstation Plus, Activision started Elite for Call of Duty, and Battlefield is following in its footsteps with Premium. With all of these things publishers and developers have us pay for beyond the initial purchase of a game, are games going to start being looked at as services rather than products?

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dorron4313d ago

Thank Activision, COD and Bobby Kotick for this...

h311rais3r4313d ago

Dont you just love money squeezing CEOs who get over inflated salaries for absolutely nothing :)

JBSleek4313d ago

Well isn't all forms of media turning into a service from music, movies, books, etc.

As we move towards more digital is just makes sense to move it into a package and move away from the standard model. This doesn't necessarily have to be a bad thing.

Well Steam, GameFly, Origin, BF Premium, CoD Elite, etc are all services.

yoyo121214313d ago

BF Premium is nothing like CoD Elite
I don't know why people keep saying it is

grahf4313d ago

From the Battlefield 3 Premium website:
"Key Features

All Five Expansion Packs with Early Access
Stand out with Exclusive in-game items
Powerful New Features
Exclusive Online Double XP Events
Insider Tactics from DICE"

From the Elite page:

"MW3 Season of Content
Year Round MW3 Competition
Level Up your MW3 Clan
Pro Analysis & Strategy for MW3
Call of Duty ELITE TV for MW3
And Much More..."

Sounds pretty identical to me. I pay $50, I get early access to ALL DLC maps, some cool swag, some extra crap I don't care about, and thats about it.

Please enlighten all of us where they are different.

yoyo121214312d ago

Because elite is a subscription monthly and premium is a one time fee and in premium you get more than that shitty elite

snipes1014312d ago

If youre suggesting that i said they were similar in the article, i didnt. I merely mentioned them both as subscription-based services. They are.

yoyo121214312d ago

Premium isn't a subscription it's a one time fee

mananimal4312d ago

Yes they are, it was always the plan, more $$, more CONTROL for the Oligarchy, the Rich, the Corporate Tyrants, over YOU, the gamer.......as for me? lol hmph! I decided sometime ago....to not let this Hobby get in the way of the underline principal, which is.....I'll stick with "what I can Control" by playing my vast Library of Older titles & systems, & Leave the bending over to the masses of sheeple(STEAM, ONLIVE, Gaikai, Xbox Live Gold , & all
other forms of DRM)..


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Kaii47d ago

Morons that allow themselves to be milked continuously by this company is the definition of irony.
Spend more $$ and you'll end up In easier lobbies so you win both ways when ya spend that cash

melons47d ago

Controversy in the COD community feels like it happens within an alternate timeline. Activision will take the piss with something, there will be a momentary fuss about it, and then they will forget about it and carry on anyway. Repeat this cycle literally every year for the rest of time.

Gridknac47d ago

They call that a crack head! Thats what this is really about, its an addiction. People who dont smoke cigarettes look and laugh at the addicts that spend $8-$10 a pack, but they cant help themselves, they are addicted. That same analogy applies perfectly to the whole MT industry. Only an addict that was not thinking clearly would spend this kind of money on something so frivolous. A round of multiplayer provides the same high a person gets from scratching a lotto ticket, or putting money on a sports bet. MT in general need to really be regulated because you have a generation of kids becoming adults who grew up only knowing the MT era of gaming. Its normal to them and they will in turn teach their kids the same by just being a gaming parent and getting their kids involved with them in gaming. Thats why no matter how ridiculous the headlines keep getting out of the MT industry, it never seems to fade or go away.

X-2345d ago

I'm so tired of hearing about what they're doing with this game, its never going to change and it's never going to value the consumer over money, furthermore the people who engage so heavily in the microtransactions I guess allegedly are having a blast and can't wait to do it some more this year when the new version of the game drops.