It’s Time For a Final Final Fantasy

The Final Fantasy franchise is currently stuck, flailing like a pelican in an oil spill. Always ready to take off, occasionally getting airborne, yet constantly plummeting back into the black mess of the ocean. It’s not that the recent entries in the series are bad, it’s just they haven’t been anywhere near as good as they used to be. So let’s just get down to the nitty-gritty of it: it’s time for the Final Final Fantasy.

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PHOSADRA3093d ago

No, I want the series to continue, I mean really...
It would be cool if it was like FF 35 or FF 63 :D
Maybe its just me though >.<
I honestly want to see how far they can go.
Its not often you see such an event in the entertainment industry.
Like with movies how far do they go within a consistent series?
Harry Potter only had 8.

iamtehpwn3093d ago (Edited 3093d ago )

What would be the point of Final Fantasy ending anyway? Each new Final Fantasy could be a completely different independent game if you remove all the traditions and nostalgia.

The meaning of Final Fantasy is to be the highest quality RPG that Square can produce at the time.

ForNgoods3093d ago

FF 35??? With the way things are going now, you'd more than likely end up with FF XIII-35.

TekoIie3093d ago (Edited 3093d ago )

And just like that im confused...

Gamers hate the milking of franchise's but then no one want final fantasy to end. I dont want FF13 to end either but i honestly dont want any franchise to end. Its always nice returning to a familiar franchise and that feeling adds to the fun of gaming!

(Back to my talking point) So what's with the double standards?

Moby-Royale3093d ago

I don't even know where to begin.

" Gamers hate the milking of franchise's but then no one want final fantasy to end".


This is one guys opinion on one series. But somehow this one individual is to be held accountable for other people's opinions? There are no "double standards" here because he does not represent anybody but himself. Your question is impossible to answer.

I'm sure on some planet your comment makes sense..

But your weak link is, this is Earth.

TekoIie3093d ago (Edited 3093d ago )

"This is one guys opinion on one series. But somehow this one individual is to be held accountable for other people's opinions?"

Did you even look at the other comments? -_-

Hicken3093d ago

One of the differences between Final Fantasy and the milked franchises you'd like to equate it to is the fact that every FF is ridiculously different. From one entry to the next, it's a brand new feel.

Sure, there are similarities between them, some that last only through three or four games, others that span the franchise. But even direct sequels are wildly different from their originals.

How can that be milking? It's selling- a bit- on the name, but it's not like they're offering a game that's a little different from the last one.

That said, I don't think it's time for a "final" Final Fantasy. Instead, I think it's time for Final Fantasy to break away from its past, in as complete a way as possible. The people who dislike XIII(and XII, and many even didn't like X) want things to go back to how they were, but if FF stays that way, I don't think it can grow the way it SHOULD. That is to say: as much as I love the traditions that FF maintains, I think there's a lot the franchise won't be able to do as long as it's chained TO those traditions.

ZeroX98763093d ago

ok, about milking the franchise.

First. FF is always totally different when you consider setting, environement and characters.
It`s like having a halo 1 in sci-fi with masterchief and getting halo 2 in medieval time with swords and magic with a totally new main protagonist with none of the last game story in it.

That`s what FF has been doing since a long time. BUT they tried to create multiple iterations of the same universe and we all know how it turned out (FFX-2,FFXIII-2, etc.)

The missing key to the FF series is Nomura. He`s been playing a more minor role in the last FF games and I miss his talent. He still released amazing games like Kingdom Hearts and FFXIII Versus seems to look amazing

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CanadianTurtle3093d ago

You're missing the point of the article. Its just that FF games recently have been crap. Maybe it's time to put all the resources into making one last resort game that actually doesn't have annoying characters like Vanielle, Hope, and Snow. And with an actual good story unlike FF13. Lets put open world and towns in it shall we?

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Beetey3093d ago

How 'bout a Final Final Fantasy XIII?

PHOSADRA3093d ago

But I understand that the majority of people don't.
So I agree, there should be a final FF XIII.
Not only for the sake of the fans, but for the sake of SE as well.

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Capt-FuzzyPants3093d ago

It's never a time for a final Final Fantasy.

Treian3093d ago

No. It's time for people like this person to stop being so negative and just appreciate the series.

LightSamus3093d ago

The games make money regardless of critical feedback so the series will live on.

Which to me is more than fine.

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