Guerrilla Speaks: Killzone 2 Should Meet Target Movie


"The Killzone forums have awakened and one of Guerrilla Game's developers answers questions where he can. Killzone 2 should get very close to their target movie and in some ways will exceed it."

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TheExecutive4787d ago

we really need more info on this game. Its time to come out and tell us what they have and where they are going. KZ2 has been in the shadows long enough, heres to hoping GDC proves me right.

DEADEND4787d ago

Hey your right it is time for them to come up and give us some info about Killzone 2, but I have the feeling they won't show much at GDC. It more likely they will show the full game and a ton of details we've been waiting for at E3.

f7ss14787d ago

who is surfur girl and how would she know anything? anyways, by the sounds of it this game should be lookin pretty sharp, hope it plays as well too

fenderputty4787d ago (Edited 4787d ago )

They showed us stuff last year and have killed that footage. Don't get me wrong ... it's awesome stuff. I just want to see something, anything, even a small texture on a wall. lol I've been waiting so long for this game. I don't care if comes out later then thought. Just take your time ... make it look and play great and toss me a bone. Show me what I've been waiting for.

marinelife94787d ago

Wasn't the stuff Guerrilla showed before just pre-alpha builds?

zambrota4787d ago

However i have no doubt that Killzone 2 would meet its target rumnour

I told you guys yesterday that you should not be believing this Surfer Girl BS

Thanks Guerilla for clarifying that KZ2 is on the right track

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mighty_douche4787d ago (Edited 4787d ago )

In the words of Johnny 5...

"need more input...." "need more input..."

edit... lol a disagree for saying i want more information?? dress up the site as much as you want, doesnt get rid of the idiots i guess....

fenderputty4787d ago

You have to internet ninja trolls tailing you. ;)

Kleptic4787d ago

haha agreed...I defaulted open zone to 'legally' argue with people...and none of the regular retards did the same thing the standard trolls simply throw in a friendly stab instead of just being blatantly wrong with nothing else to offer...

achira4787d ago

nice to know! cant wait for that game. one of my most anticipated games!

Meus Renaissance4787d ago

He avoided the question of GDC, dammit. He also ignored the guy complaining why we don't get hardly any information.

Luca Blight4787d ago (Edited 4787d ago )

2008's CoD4 (or Bioshock) anyone?

sak5004787d ago

That would be expecting too much from a game with a prequel having 7 avg rating.

fenderputty4787d ago

because Bioshock's predesessor was rated high? There's been plenty of games that have gotten better as the series moved. Others have gotten worse. I fail to see your point. At least they delivered on the PSP game. Quit being such a pesimist and go post in the other forum if you're going to spoout off crap like that.

LeonSKennedy4Life4786d ago

Honestly, I think Resistance 2 will get shooter of the year...

MGS4, GTAIV, and Spore will be the big three GOTY contendors...