X06: Crackdown Hands-On

The gaming industry has been forever changed since the release of Grand Theft Auto and even though we are sick of using it as a comparison point, the fact remains that there have been loads of imitators hoping to capitalize on the franchise's overwhelming success and notoriety. While a majority of these knock-offs have come and gone without nearly as much fanfare, there is one title on the way that demands attention and it's not just because it's being developed by the designer of the GTA series. David Jones and his hand-picked crew at Real Time Worlds is currently working on their latest open-ended action/driver Crackdown, and they are hoping that their efforts will once again set a new standard for the genre. Prior to this week's X06 event in Barcelona, we managed to get a sneak peek of Crackdown while visiting Microsoft's Redmond campus. We sat down with the game's product manager Craig Evans to bring you our updated hands-on impressions of this highly ambitious Xbox 360 exclusive.

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