This Is Vegas Senior Producer Divulges On The Demise Of The Ambitious ‘GTA Killer’

Announced over four years ago, Midway's This is Vegas boasted one of the biggest budgets in video game history. With interiors that were "way beyond" anything seen in open world games and an "incredible AI simulation" the $50m budgeted game from the minds of Surreal Software had the potential to become as popular as RockStar's Gran Theft Auto.

So what went wrong?

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GTRrocker6662416d ago

Never heard of this game hmm

Grap2416d ago

who ever know what this game is who was here back in 2008 when N4G was full of Fanboism. it was a good time. anyway this game i was very hyped about it. for me a day 1 must buy it sad everything went wrong for this IP

adamant7152416d ago

Uhh, pretty sure N4G still is full of fanboyism

MrDead2416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

It was shame this game never saw light and I was very surprised it was never picked up buy another dev. The gaming world can sometimes be a bitch, endless play safe sequels keep being shoved at us and games that could bring something new are allowed to die.

jimbobwahey2416d ago

Speaking of bitches, this little nugget right here sums up a lot of what's wrong with the world today:

"During a meeting Samantha Ryan ( Warner Brother’s Senior VP of product and development ) insisted that Klimecky and his team ship the game, she didn’t care about quality. “Quality is under the floor!” she yelled after doing a physical comparison of priorities."

MrDead2416d ago

Makes you wonder just how many meetings go that way as we've seen some games that have been of questionable quality on release.

TekoIie2416d ago

yeh i remember reading a lot on this game and it sounded VERY promising. I have to admit though i completely forgot about about it until now thought lol.

Bonerrr2416d ago

Such a shame this was canned. It could have been the new IP I was waiting for... I was hoping square enix would have picked this up.

HebrewHammer2416d ago

What is GRAN Theft Auto? lol

-Gespenst-2416d ago

First time I've ever heard of this game. Not so gutted.

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The story is too old to be commented.