Getting Your Girlfriend ON or OFF Your System

As gamers, video games are an essential part of our personalities. They provide an escape from the real world, helping us unwind from work, school, and everything else in between. Sometimes we enjoy games that have multiplayers built in. We'll call up all our buds, turn on the big screen, and kick some ass as a team on Xbox Live.

There are some of us that feel differently. Some like the solitude, the isolation from everyone else, to relax by playing a solo RPG. Now, there's absolutely nothing wrong with that; everyone needs some alone time. Either way you look at it, it's either you yourself or you and your buddies sharing these wonderful moments of smack talk or just zoning out.

Enter stage right. The girlfriend. We divide once more. There are some of us that literally shove the controllers into their hands. There are others who prefer to keep the fairer sex at a distance as they "yes," "uh-huh," and "I understand" their way to a conversation over the phone (as they sticky some noob in Halo 3, of course). I tend to be of the latter; I'm sorry girls, video game time is ME time, which also includes football, unless, of course, you want to learn how football is played.

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INehalemEXI4372d ago (Edited 4372d ago )

fiction , I call out no0bs when needed and my girl is right here.... Prime example of someone who says n00b and has a gf. read his shirt and behold.

mighty_douche4372d ago (Edited 4372d ago )

LOL... i call my girlfriend a noob!

oh and with regards to the article, she has her own account on my PS3. But she'll be buying her own for LBP.

EDIT @ DuB... PP rules!

ThaGeNeCySt4372d ago

my girlfriend hates the fact that I play video games... and hates me even more because i'm on the verge of getting a PS3... I have to some how figure out a way to get her to play these games w/ me... she wanted a Wii for a week, but now doesn't want anything to do with video games as a whole =(

mighty_douche4372d ago (Edited 4372d ago )

LittleBigPlanet my friend. Worked for me.

...a sly left hook always works wonders to..... (j/k!)

AceLuby4372d ago

High Velocity Bowling...

Though my gf and I love to play Halo 3, Lego Star Wars and Gears together. She also loves to play Ratchet, Uncharted and UT3 when she's looking for some 'alone' time. Man... my gf is awesome ;)

GTProwler4372d ago

she just wont stop playing rock band since I got it, I'm not complaining or anything but it just sucks sometimes cause I cant really finish games comfortably anymore cause I have to fight her and her friends off the game.

fiercescuba4372d ago

My g/f lets me play video games because otherwise I'd be trying to bang her all the time. A few hrs of games here and there gives her a break from an otherwise unchecked libido.

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The story is too old to be commented.