Perfect Dark Zero maps available

You can now download 'Map Pack One' for Pefect Dark Zero from the Xbox Live Marketplace. This premium content is 500 points and contains four new multiplayer maps: Plaza, Rooftops, Trench, and GasPlant. This content is available in all Xbox Live regions.

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RealDoubleJ5451d ago

maybe now there'll be less Desert sessions *Hint: Really f*cking hates that level*

TheBrit5451d ago

I know what you mean :)
I love the new plaza map - cannot wait to play it tonight outside of the demo.

The other maps look really nice also. I hope they are as good quality as the plaza.

Schmitty075451d ago

I'm going to pick those up now!

FamoAmo5451d ago

I have been waiting for these new maps for 3 months now. I am glad they add map packs to games. It doesn;t make the game get too boring! Anyway I wish they were free but I got mine downloading right now!

Schmitty075451d ago

If you are thinking about getting them, go ahead. They are quality maps worth getting. Although, it will take about a week for most people to find this out and DL them.

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The story is too old to be commented.