Final Fantasy VII Appears on the Square Enix Store

It seems that only yesterday we were talking about the rumors surrounding Final Fantasy VII making its way onto the PC, and it seems that today, the game has finally been dropped on the Square Enix store. Time will tell whether its posting online was a mistake by some Square Enix employee getting ahead of themselves or not.

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zeal0us2270d ago

Hopefully SE will throw it on steam if not I'll still buy it.

noxeven2270d ago

Right there with you. didnt they through it on the steam rating board a while back

Xof2270d ago

Agreed by accident.

Hopefully they'll toss it up on Steam, otherwise I will NOT buy it.

I think by now I've bought it enough times.

gwcommander2270d ago

i just picked it up, its downloading now

Wulfstan2270d ago

The fucking activition wont work. Asking for serial key I give it and it denies it. what the fuck is that shit

GillHarrison2270d ago

Same issue here and it seems quite a few people are experiencing it. I think they accidentally jumped the gun on the download link before SercuROM even had the codes in their database.

pumpactionpimp2270d ago

I for one look forward to getting this. I would prefer it on steam and will wait a bit. But the idea of getting this game, just to show my wife why I love final fantasy so much, is thrilling.