Console XP: Prototype 2 PC Review

Matija Mandic wrote: " Prototype 2 is the sequel to the critically acclaimed open-world extreme super-mutant murder simulator from 2009 by the name of Prototype. As if it wasn’t obvious by now. Prototype put players in the shoes of Alex Mercer, a rogue mutation experiment with a shady past and a very grey attitude., making it one of the rare “hero” games where the lead character wasn’t a goody two-shoes, but garbage in human form (now that it’s put that way, it doesn’t really seem all that nice). The game stood out with gallons of blood, very satisfying combat, insane locomotion possibilities and an innovative ability to turn into any person you “consume”, gaining access to their memories and occasionally, powers. Prototype was able to devour hours upon hours of free time and would have been a certain contender for the GOTY award – if it wasn’t for the game’s bad release timing. It was let onto the market at the same time as an another high-flying superhero open-world zappy simulator, inFamous, and being inevitable that comparisons would be drawn between the two, it lost a significant amount of publicity. Now, Prototype 2 doesn’t repeat the same mistake, and the PC version (the one tested here) is also released at a very appropriate time period. So what’s this monster-murder-devour-vengeanc e-thingy all about?"

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johnbanji2266d ago

Fantastic game!
One of my favourites after prototype1))
Already playing for 2 weeks!
By the way I downloaded it full version free here http://prototype2new.tumblr...