Is Mobile the Future of Gaming? - EA just released the first trailer for Real Racing 3, an upcoming game for iOS and Android, and boy it looks impressive! It’s incredible how fast mobile gaming is advancing, from simple 2D puzzlers to full 3D epics in such a short space of time. Home consoles have taken decades to make this kind of evolution, which leaves me wondering, will mobile gaming surpass console gaming before long?

Let’s look at consoles for a moment. Atari released the 2600 in 1977 – 35 years ago – which allowed us to play some very basic-looking titles (by today’s standards). Soon after, we entered the 8-bit era, then the 16-bit, eventually landing in the age of 3D gaming. Now, two more generations after that, we are seeing some amazing-looking games, with improvements coming every time developers learn to tap a little bit more of the systems’ power. 35 years is not long for such an advancement, but it seems like a snail’s pace compared to mobile technology.

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decrypt2264d ago

Hell no. Its a bit like this:

Hardcore/casual - PC
Mainstream - console
Casual - Handhelds (specifically phones, pads etc).

Amazingmrbrock2264d ago

I think it may actually be the future of handheld gaming. Mobile gaming is pretty much in its infancy but it'll grow and evolve until it has 'hardcore' games on it.

It's not the be all end all future of gaming thats for sure. Sometimes I'm out and I'll game on my phone or on a handheld. When I'm home sitting on the couch however I'm using my pc or ps3. Mobile definitely won't kill consoles or anything silly that media sites keep yammering on about.

Hisiru2264d ago

I want to die before it happens.

PoSTedUP2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

it needs better controls, i wont touch such a horror of a game with those controls. the sony ericsson phone had it done pretty well.

schlanz2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

And when you simply stream your mobile to your TV with graphics that surpass what we see in today's games?

Mobile is the future of gaming, and those who deny it are short-sighted. No one is suggesting it will eliminate consoles or PCs in 5 years. But 10 or 15 years, definitely a possibility.

Amazingmrbrock2264d ago

Then it won't be mobile anymore it'll be something else. By that point it'll likely be accessing a home server constantly or cloud streaming.

bintarok2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

Up to this day, there's only one mobile (tablet) device that no other mobiles could mimic its' multitasking horsepower:

But again, it all depends to game developers too, just like any other hardware company. It's still a little early to claim mobiles will be the future of gaming.

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Thatguy-3102264d ago

simple answer no. If handheld didn't have much of the affects on consoles what makes people think phones are?

Firebird3602264d ago

Controls are terrible on phones, not to mention this game looks good but will be shallow trash. Phone games may look good but they'll never match a dedicated Machine like the vita or 3ds.

schlanz2264d ago

You are only thinking in terms of today's mobile capabilities and today's development for them. With time and the advancement of technology it is perfectly conceivable that mobile devices will have graphical capabilities that surpass anything that consoles and PCs can do today. There will come a point where the extra power does little to change the experience of gaming; diminishing returns if you will. If the technology doesn't stop gaming progress then development costs surely will.

As for "terrible" controls, at least recognize the fact that you can pair a controller via bluetooth. I have emulators on my Transformer Prime for NES, SNES, PS1, N64, Neo-geo, GBA and Genesis and can play them all with a PS3 controller while the tablet is mirrored on my HDTV via hdmi. I can even map the controller to android games that simulate traditional controls.

swat_teem2264d ago

but what about the future of ALL the other devices in the future its not just the phones advancing in tech in the future

schlanz2264d ago

quoting myself here, "There will come a point where the extra power does little to change the experience of gaming; diminishing returns if you will. If the technology doesn't stop gaming progress then development costs surely will."

Really at this point the only thing left is to shrink the tech down. Personally I highly doubt that consoles will always have a leg up on phones, just because they are larger does not mean they will be powerful enough to the point where the difference in capabilities is significant to warrant their existence in the market.

MysticStrummer2263d ago

Sorry but you're just assuming consoles will stay about the same as today, while phones continue to advance? I see your reply to this already and it makes no sense. Tech will keep advancing for all platforms. New phone models come out much more frequently than consoles, with a wider difference in capability. That alone would make consoles more attractive for developers when it comes to "big" games. Controls are another huge issue if you're talking about bringing most major console titles to a phone. Mobile gaming has a great future, but it's not THE future of gaming.

Hufandpuf2264d ago

You judge before you even try it. Real Racing 2 was a really good game, it had car customization, tuning, amazing locations and LOTS of cars to choose from, not to mention a robust career mode. It was a complete game.

Drummerdude412264d ago

No, the future of gaming is wherever their is a great game regardless of platform!

AO1JMM2264d ago

Controls are terrible so no. The games are usually pretty limited in scope as well.

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