GameStrata statistic site launches, get PWN3D via graphs

Joystiq writes:

"GameStrata, a new game statistic tracking and social site, has just launched into a (semi-)public status. Players can use the free service to keep track of a range of quantifiable game performance details. We're not quite sure what to make of the service, since an Xbox Live Gamertag does nearly the same thing on a platform basis, albeit Xbox only."

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LJWooly4381d ago

I'm not too sure about this. Only time will tell...

excaliburXL4254d ago

GameStrata is awesome! GameStarta is all about "Community". The site does so much right. Join it and take an active role with the GS community. There are always GS GameNights, Clan challenges and friendships being made everyday. If you like to game and play well with others GameStarta is the place for you. Try it.