1UP Previews: Dark Sector

1UP writes:

"Dark Sector will no doubt draw many comparisons to Gears of War when it's released. It's a gritty third-person shooter where cover is paramount to survival and melee moves are not only an effective way to exterminate foes, but extremely gruesome to boot. In an earlier preview, we whet your appetite with tales of a tri-bladed weapon and an infection that won't stop spreading. After playing through the first five levels (out of 10), we're here to provide a more in-depth look at this gothic, gore-filled shooter."

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Robocod4382d ago

Head - check
Arms - check twice
Legs - check twice

Ok thats 5 ermmm.....pen....anyway hope they are right about the PS3 version being up to scratch. I find myself quite interested in this one but need to hear more before i make a final decision.

Wonder if they will utalise sixaxis for aftertouch?


Dark Sector has alot of potential - my kind of game. I'll take the Gears' control system any day of the week, real cover is so much more realistic than FPS, melee is so much fun... hope they include MP. The artwork is cool too. Can't wait !