A message from Satoru Iwata

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has delivered a lengthy message concerning the Wii U, 3DS, Nintendo Network, and more in the company's annual report.

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AWBrawler2270d ago

why did i just read that whole thing in Iwata's voice in my head?

Ck1x2270d ago

Broken english and all huh? Me too! Lol

AWBrawler2269d ago

lol variation and relationship are the only words in there i never heard him say, but my mind made up how it thought he'd say them XD

Excited2play2269d ago

You know what i took away from that letter?

"paid add-on content"

Mario kart additional tracks and characters anyone?
Additional brawl stages and characters anyone?
New crazy platformer levels for new super Mario brothers U anyone?

Nintendo could do dlc right if they play their cards right, it could open up a ton of revenue for their franchises.

It could be really cool..just say'n :)

PopRocks3592269d ago

They're already doing that with NSMB2. Wouldn't you know all of the haters already got on their case just for "pulling a Capcom" even though Nintendo specifically pledged to 1) only make add-on content for one of the modes that isn't part of the main game and 2) never to work on said add-on content until they have released said game.

cuddlemonkey2269d ago

Cool, six years late but yeah, cool

DivineAssault 2269d ago

miiverse is the gateway to communication huh? Is there cross game chat or anything like it besides the skype type video calling? I know that headsets are being made for it

PopRocks3592269d ago

All signs point to "Yes," so I'm remaining optimistic. Guess we'll have to wait and see.

Droid Control2269d ago

Iwata: 'You know all the BS we said about the Wii and how it needed to be simple to get the casuals to play our software?
Well forget it, now we have a system with a pad that is more complicated than ever! All the complicated button's of a gamecube pad missed with the expense and limitations of a 6'' LED screen.'

linkratos2269d ago

I think Nintendo realized the gamepad could be a bit complicated for you and other 6 year olds, that's why the wiimote is also an optional input device.