Digital Foundry vs. Oculus Rift

Head-to-head with project creator Palmer Luckey - can this hardware Kickstarter revolutionise VR and stereo 3D?

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guitar_nerd_232360d ago

I so want this, I might order the devkit with Doom 3 if my pay is ok in a week.

Amazingmrbrock2359d ago

I don't know why everyone is so blown away by this thing. They had ar helmets in the mid 90's, I remember using one to play rise of the triad at the pne. Also sony put out something very similar last year. The only nominal thing about this device is the vertical fov. Even with that it's fairly low resolution can't be that great.

I know many will disagree with me, but I would prefer you to try to convince me of your opinion. I'm not against this thing I just don't see the benefits. So what are the benefits you see from it against the arguments I've made against it?

guitar_nerd_232359d ago (Edited 2359d ago )

It's because technology has reached a point in which they can exist in the way they were imagined to be in the first place.

Imagine full peripheral vision, combined with stereoscopic 3d, combined with the parallax effect of head tracking (see Johnny Lee Wii head tracking) combined with modern quality graphics and gameplay.

You see a big scary enemy monster and they litterly look 20ft tall.

You stand at the bottom of a mountain on Skyrim and look up in awe at the scope naturally- intuitively.

You stand in a dense forest and manovour your head to peer through the branches.

The Sony thing from last year makes it seem like your in a private cinema, this should make you feel like your in a private world.

It could even make a decent motion controller practical and more fun than controller / mouse.

It's escapism as its finest in theory.

I agree the resolution isn't great but they acknowledge that and say the consumer version will be higher when it releases next year.

Dasteru2359d ago


The Rift doesn't provide full peripheral vision, It is 110 degrees. Full peripheral is 180.

guitar_nerd_232359d ago


Close enough for jazz, they say the consumer one will have an even wider field of view.

But yeah fair point.

richierich2359d ago

Right this might be a stupid question but is the devkit only available to developers?

guitar_nerd_232359d ago

Not if you give them $300 dollars or $330 for outside USA from my understanding and it comes with Doom 3 ready to go.