Rumor -- RE6 Will Have A 5th Campaign: Prelude

An image has appeared online showing the campaigns selection of Resident Evil 6, which includes "Leon", "Chris", "Jake", "Ada" and a fifth one called "Prelude".

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TheMasterShake2268d ago

i think its gonna be like a intro of sorts to set up the whole premise of the game. because each campaign starts in a different places at different times. so not to get confused they put the prelude in. now if this is another scenario then there is no excuse not to buy this horror or not. this game is the most content enriched game we've seen from capcom this whole generation and to honestly pull up the horror argument is pure bull.

itani2268d ago

Why is there no excuse to buy this game horror or not just cause it has a lot of content? That's like saying buy the new Dead Space 3! Horror or not it has Coop and loads of content but will it be as enjoyable as the past Dead Space game entries? Doesn't look like it and neither does this game.

TheMasterShake2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

people were complaining that capcom was making incomplete am i right? so now it looks like capcom is actually for once listening, but instead you people are not gonna buy it because its resident evil without horror (so they say). which is pure bull to me because the reason it doesn't have horror is because idiots like you who claim to be "REAL" resident evil fans were the same ones who bought RE4. how come no one was singing this song when re4 was totally changed into a third person action game? oh thats right because you people are nothing more than hypocrites. there is actually people who complain about RE5 & RE6 sucking, who claim they are real re fans but yet their favorite is RE4. that doesn't make any Fucking sense. blame yourselves the "REAL" re fans for the way RE is today.

modesign2268d ago

good news for the handfull of people that will buy this trash

r212268d ago

DLC maybe? you know capcom ;)

Styxoric2268d ago

Seriously, a 5th campaign? so what're they? 30 minutes each?.

No thank you. Give me a single character to play, and a dark mansion filled with horror and puzzles. Then you get my cash.

FinaLXiii2267d ago

Ada´s campaign appears to be solo.

nofallouthero2268d ago

i wonder how long each one will be because there no way 5 different campaigns can be as long as 4 or even 5 which was really short

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