Xseed Updates Us On Ragnarok Odyssey

Siliconera: A representative from Xseed confirmed that the Hong Kong version of Ragnarok Odyssey will use Xseed’s translation. However, the Hong Kong release will be different than the North American one.

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DivineAssault 2318d ago

Wtf is taking so long to get this game released out here? I mean if theyre putting it out w english tx in hong kong, why not do it here @ the same time?? Same deal with Gravity Rush.. All they did was slap some english tx on it & its released months after its initial launch.. These are the stupid reasons why vita is losing steam.. I thought this was coming out nx month but i guess theres no official date now

Spenok2317d ago

You have to think about publishing rights, as well as localization costs, and all the little things they need to get like an ESRB rating and even what stores would sell it. There are a lot of things that go into bringing a game out, much less bringing it overseas.

I want the game as much as the next guy, but i'm willing to be patient. My Vita still gets plenty of games time from this user.

ChronoJoe2316d ago

If you that bothered just by the HK version then. Importing from Japan isn't that expensive. Might cost you $10 extra in the end, but not that big of a deal if it's bothering you enough to complain.

GuruStarr782318d ago

Supposed to come out this month!

guitarded772318d ago

Well, at least we get free DLC... Amazon has it listed for an August 28th release... I hope it's true. Been waiting for this game for a while now.