Top 10 Wii U Ports That Aren’t Coming (But Totally Should)

GenGAME writes: "Wii U’s received a lot of flak for the copious number of third-party ports heading to the system at its launch: games like the almost-a-year-old Batman: Arkham City, this past spring’s Mass Effect 3, and Ninja Gaiden 3. It’s hard for a number of people to accept these games as true multi-platform Nintendo games and not just efforts to easily cash in on Wii U at launch by offering a bunch of updates to old gems. I don’t think the problem is that they’re ports; the problem is that they’re not the correct ports to get people excited about the system."

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Godmars2902266d ago

Still wondering why PSO2 isn't on the PS3.

That the whole PSV to PS3 conversion thing seems to have died.

Hisiru2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

Ni no Kuni should stay on the PS3 (I know people will give me disagrees for this) because I think it's a good platform for it and I don't see how the WiiU would benefit this game (maybe with magic spells on the touch screen? I don't know). I am not saying a port would be bad, don't get me wrong, it's probably an amazing game and more people should enjoy it.

However, games like Little King’s Story, Okami HD, Epic Mickey 2 and some others would be great for the WiiU's capabilities.

Moerdigan2266d ago

The maker of Last story said the tablet would be a strong element for future RPGs that are made on WiiU.

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legendoflex2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

I'm curious how a remake of a DS game WOULDN'T benefit from having a touch screen.

Baka-akaB2266d ago

i dunno , the DS had two screen close to each other you could easily glance at . I'm not seeing yet how having to look at two very appart screen consecutively or at once is that useful for those games , even more so if it's for the sake of menus that are as quickly accessible via a pause .

Except of course in cases you can intuitively use the touch without looking at the screen , wivh i'm guessing that's mostly what's appealing there

specialguest2266d ago

If you think Ni no Kuni or any RPG in general can't benefit from a second screen built into the controller, then you're serverely lacking imagination. The DS has endless examples of how games, especially rpgs could benefit.

Here is a video of No no kuni for the DS which shows how Level5 used the second screen.
Now imagine what they could do with a more powerful WiiU version.

Even if Level5 did a simple direct port without incorporating the WiiU second screen, it'll still benefit simply by being a more powerful console that should run the game with better graphics and frame rate.

Baka-akaB2266d ago

More like you wanted to get antsy at me for barely any reason , except my "heathen ways" and refusal to just agree that everything is so neat . I expressely commented about the DS having the fricking screens stuck close to each other .

And i still expressed how it could be interesting if they made it intuitive without the need to switch and look at another screen , as an example .

So far what we have seen is as usual devs using is as a gimmick menu device . I dont necessarily see it as a gain to watch at a mini encyclopedia about the coliseum in assassin's creed while passing by it on a secondary screen , as opposed as having a marker near it and pressing the menu button .

Nor do i see looking at the tv "through" the wiiu pad aimed at it , as a default interesting way for every genre and games

We can safely guess that many will just use it as a way to display menus , tips and maps on a second screens at first . Hell that's what too many did for a while with the DS . At least it was actually useful and efficient then , in the newer case i dont see it that way .

Of course if needs me i'll adapt to whatever they decide if i fancy enough games , but colour me cynical

Godmars2902266d ago

Heck, I think that one of the issues of this gaming gen is that games aren't being made as games, but rather entertainment.

Yes, they're suppose to be entertaining, but what's being done to them this gen is more in line with the production line mentality publishers like Activision, EA and Square have voiced, and in most cases you can find examples where games made by those companies were soulless and non creative. Product rolled off an assmebly line.

And keeping with that you find thing like released titles being retooled to service a gimmick like the WiiU's controller to justify the controller. The potential there of.

Gaming just sucks this gen.

specialguest2266d ago

I wasn't replying to you silly. Calm down.

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Moncole2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

The Wii U can get any of these games as long as Sony or MS don't pays the devs to keeps it an exclusive.
Okami HD may come seeing how Okami is on the Wii and Okamiden on the DS. And Ni no Kuni can also come because Level 5 supports Nintendo systems a lot.

DivineAssault 2266d ago

i cant wait for Ni No Kuni.. I know its going to be a great run through.. Tales of Xillia as well.. I dont understand why PS is just now pushing out the JRPGs that made PS2 so great.. They shouldve been releasing them all along its life cycle instead of towards the end.. I guess it btr late than never..

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ScubbaSteve2266d ago

I blame the developers and publishers for what happened this gen with jrpgs. I don't even feel sorry for them either because they sat there for 2-3 years taking Microsoft's money and ended up splitting and starving the fans of jrpg games. I don't blame Microsoft for wanting to include more jrpgs in their catalog, but the developers should have known most jrpg fans live in japan and they were supporting a console that had very little presence there.

2266d ago
DivineAssault 2266d ago

What can u do? Just hope for things to change is about all that can be done... This gen had some good games like demon/dark souls though.. Japan got much more games than we did.. last gen there were many more options & now western developed games seem to be dominant out here & is growing.. COD & Halo changed the industry

2266d ago
ScubbaSteve2266d ago

I'm beginning to think summerofgeorge is living in some alternate reality. Do you have a list of all these jrpgs that were released at the beginning of this generation?

forevercloud30002266d ago

I agree with ScubbaSteve.
Many Developers were taking the infamous moneyhats from MS to withhold any JRPG from hitting the PS3. MS new that was a PS2 strong point and hit the system where it would hurt most.

Although its not all their fault. Sony bumbled too because the fact the PS3 was so hard to dev for early on hindered the Japanese Developers. JDevs are not known for savy technique usually and they felt they could not compete with what Western Devs were pushing out graphically. This is why most of the JRPGs this gen have been on handheld devices,Wii, etc. JDevs could re-use old assets and engines from last gen without penalty. They just were not technically ready for the power of this gen.

PS3 still has some of the greatest of this gen though. It would have been golden if the "RPG STATION" actually had its killer apps tho. Hence the reason most JRPGs today have taken a drastic hit sales wise, the fanbase which used to be a one stop shop with PS has now splintered to the four corners. Thats what they get for dividing the fanbase :P

ScubbaSteve2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )


I think you're having a separate conversation george because you're taking this out of context in that we aren't discussing handhelds, mobile, or the current catalog of jrpgs. We are specifically talking about consoles and only referencing the lack of jrpgs during the beginning of this generation.

The 360 and Wii have more rpgs than their predecessors because they are more successful than their predecessors. On the whole the amount and quality of console jrpgs went down at the beginning of this generation.


exactly my point.

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tehpees32266d ago

I thought Dragon quest was announced for Wii U? SE have announced a game.

2266d ago
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