Sony deactivating R-Type games from PSOne Classics next week

Once next week’s PlayStation Store update rolls by, two of the series’ games will no longer be available on the service.

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brettski2363d ago

This is why i am leery of digital only games.

lodossrage2363d ago

If you've already downloaded them, you'll still have them.

Just the way Gran Turismo 5 Prologue was taken off years ago. Yet I can still grab it and play it right now if I want because it's in my download list

AzaziL2363d ago

Didn't steam have to remove EA games from customer's accounts after EA left for Origin?

Not 100% sure on it since I didn't have any EA games to lose...

Hisiru2363d ago

If you lose your device/have to format how will you recover the game if it's no longer available?

stevenhiggster2363d ago


It's no longer available to buy, but if you have already bought it, it will always be in your account for download.
That is the case with both Steam and PSN and I'm sure most other DD services.

decrypt2363d ago (Edited 2363d ago )


Get a PC,
Download game from torrent(since you already have the licence)
Download playstation emulator (for 1 & 2)
Play with a DS3 (get motionjoy)
Have access to 95% games released on PS 1 & 2 (provided you have a license).

No need to depend on what some company think is right for you lol. Congratulations you have just freed yourself from the stranglehold the company has over you, as you can play any game released on the older consoles which they may not be in the mood to release again.

Edit: its funny but all the remakes purchased this gen might not even work on the next console lol, which puts you in a screwed up position again.

Emilio_Estevez2363d ago


The game isn't linked to a device, it's linked to your account. It will always be available in your DL list, just not available for first time purchase. So if you have it (I do) you can always dl it again.

OhMyGandhi2363d ago

regardless of whether you purchased the game or not, it's the idea that there is some arbitrary time period that a game may no longer be available.

It's reminiscent of buying "Bambi" Anniversary Edition, and to "hurry before it goes back into the Disney vault forever" sort of mentality.

lodossrage2362d ago

Because if they did, they damn sure wouldn't have disagreed with me.

Here is the overview for those that lack knowledge.

If you buy a game or anything on PSN, then it goes into your download list. It stays there for good, and for YOU, the game will always be there.

If that game happens to be taken OFF the store itself, it's STILL available to YOU because you still bought it and it's still in your download list.

In summary, as long as it's in YOUR download list, regardless of whether or not it gets taken OFF the PSN STORE, YOU still have the game and are able to play, download it, etc at your own leisure because it's still in your DOWNLOAD LIST.


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jimbobwahey2363d ago

I purchased Outrun from the European PSN store and Sony removed it quite a while ago. I can still download and play the game whenever I want to however, because I've paid for it. All Sony did was remove it from the store so nobody else can buy it, since the publisher lost the rights or something and were no longer allowed to sell it.

It will be the same for these PS1 games. If you already bought them, you'll always be able to download them again whenever you want, but since Irem has imploded (I think?) obviously they can't continue selling the R-Type games.

spektical2363d ago

under EUA, SONY can remove it from your list.

digital is more of a win for the company than for you.

ZombieNinjaPanda2363d ago


End User Agreement, I'd like to see that hold up in a court of law. If any company were to take what you paid for without your permission and without giving you some sort of equal or greater compensation, they'd have lawsuits up the ass.

Knushwood Butt2363d ago


Not only is this almost nothing to do with Sony, but it's also very old news and I believe the same applies to the Wii's Virtual Console and presumably any other outlet.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2363d ago (Edited 2363d ago )

Steam is great...

ChronoJoe2363d ago


You seemed to have missed the point. They don't do that. All your purchases are available to redownload for as long as Sony's PSN store stays in service. They do not and will not remove them from here.

Also, I wouldn't worry about it. In about 5 years PS3 will be wide open and you'll be able to make DRM free backups of your games. I mean, that usually happens to older consoles. Lots of hacks, lots of additional functions like that.

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banjadude2363d ago

It most likely is a rights issue, as this happened to Brave Story New Traveler (for the PSP).

DivineAssault 2363d ago

That sux.. I dont plan to buy it or anything but the removal of anything is never good.. Buy it now & keep it in your history for when vita gets the ps1 app

Godmars2902363d ago

The "fun" side of DLC rearing its ugly head again. Of thinking you bought something online forever, and yet the option to have its file as a backup gets taken away.

GribbleGrunger2363d ago

That's not strictly true. If it's on your download list you will still be able to download it again even when it gets removed. For instance, the Incredible pack for LBP was recently removed but I was still able to download it again

slaton242363d ago

not always the DLC for marvel ultimate alliance 2 didnt save in my download section in store and if i was to delete it i wouldnt have those characters again

Pro_TactX2363d ago


The DLC for M:UA2 is still on my download list. I bought the character pack before it was removed from the store, and I can still obtain it.

wishingW3L2363d ago (Edited 2363d ago )

and you think the download list will be there forever? I bet once the PS4 comes out Sony will shut-down the servers of the PS3 and everything will be lost. So if your HDD brakes you'll lose many games and is not like you'll be able to buy them used later on since they were digital only.

GribbleGrunger2363d ago

rather than coming up with a cynical assumption, why not wait and see. It could be that all PS3 games will be streamable through Gaikai and if you've bought a game on the PS3 (regardless of in what media) you will be able to play them for free. All they would have to do is check your trophy list and it's good to go

Rainstorm812363d ago (Edited 2363d ago )

The only way i can see this happening is if Sony shuts down PSN....thats why they made eveyones accounts universal SEN accounts...I can access my PS3 download list on my Vita, it will probably be the same for PS4.

Which brings up a good question as to what MS and Sony will do next gen as far as everyones PSN/XBLA games, surely most downloadable titles will be backward compatible.......hopefully because i have 150+ downloadable games


Thats difficult because what about the people who rent or borrow?

GribbleGrunger2363d ago

good point. I never thought of that

kasasensei2363d ago

You are totally right but blindly stupid fanboys refuse to see the truth. And they keep lying to everyone like if our games will be available forever... Dumb people...
digital download is not a definitive buy, it's a rental... Nothing more. They'll learn it the hard way.

Knushwood Butt2363d ago

Before R Type got removed in Japan, there was a notification in advance, and it also recommended any people that had purchased the affected IREM games to download them again if they wanted to.

I now have R Types on two of my PS3s and probably my PSP too.

You know what? I haven't played it on either platform for years...

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wnek92363d ago

if you buy them now even though they are deactivated from ps store you can still redownload from your download list

i have 2 games there were deactivated that i can still redownload and work fine, mortal kombat 2, and tmnt reshelled

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