Real world locations that video games should feature

Darryl Linington from ITF Gaming writes: There have been many real world locations across the globe that have been featured within video game titles. However, there are plenty of locations and cities that could still be featured in future releases. Basically the planet we live in is massive, so why not utilise some alternative locations within video games instead of the mundane and repetitive locations we are all forced to play in over and over again? I will admit that I am tired of seeing the same recycled environments featured in video game titles, which makes me feel that the industry needs a bit of a wider scope.

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Lord_Sloth2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

Personally I prefer video games to take me away from the real world so I'd rather they use made up locations in a non existent (or medieval should they use real world places) setting.

fei-hung2265d ago

But what if there are some real world locations that would blow your mind for their awesomeness and be totally different to the normality which you are surrounded by.

e.g. if you live in new york and are surrounded by skyscrapers and concrete and then you go to something like the Serengeti or Lushoto in Tanzania?!

Some real life locations must be seen to be believed!

Lord_Sloth2265d ago

That's fine and dandy, but with the exception of medieval titles (which I stated as an exception) games in real world locations are shooters which is a genre I generally don't care for.

ITFGaming2265d ago

I gotta agree with you here. I have travelled a lot and to witness the beauty of this planet is awesome.

fei-hung2265d ago

@ITF gaming

I remember watching EON Flux and thinking how odd and awesome the architecture and locations were and it turned out to be a real location in Germany.

Then you have places you come across that are naturally awesome like:

ITFGaming2265d ago

Some of the Medieval settings we have all seen are exceptionally stunning.

Pain_Killer2265d ago

I know its not going to happen but i've always thought about a Fallout game based in Southern Asia featuring the events of Indo-Pak Nuclear War.

Basically, the events after a nuclear war between India and Pakistan.

There are very major cities in which the game can be covered. Karachi (Pakistan), Mumbai (India), etc are recognized as the biggest cities of the world, A fallout game in one of these would be so damn awesome. Showing different terrorist factions, Chinese involvement etc.

Too many possibilities, one can just imagine.

wallis2265d ago

There needs to be a strong and consistent art direction and that's all I want. Whether its the fantasy landscape of skyrim or the African based far cry 2 I think consistent and clever use of artistic assets is the only real requirement for a game to look good. Crysis 2 looks very photorealistic but it's art is terrible and generally feels very mundane despite being set in new York - considering I live in the arse end of Wales new york should probably leave me aghast but crysis 2 never had that impact.

SandWitch2265d ago

Agree. I'm sick of NA cities already. Why not use some interesting European or Asian cities. Why not GTA in Paris or Moscow?

Sleeping Dogs will be a bit of refreshment tho, but I wish it featured some other Asian city... Hong Kong is very New-York-like IMO.

ITFGaming2265d ago

Sleeping Dogs looks to be an awesome game...GTA in France could be very interesting.

CanadianTurtle2265d ago

Uncharted and Resistance does this extremely well and flawlessly. Uncharted because everything feels so real. Resistance because it's cool to see how a certain setting looks during an alien invasion set in 1950s.

ITFGaming2265d ago

Uncharted has always managed to set the scene perfectly. I still need to finish the third one though hahahaha.