Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Saga: Yes Please

Ron from shares his thoughts on how good of a character Lightning from FFXIII is, and how he'd love to see her story and legacy explored in future games.

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Snookies122318d ago

Ehh, I thought she was a pretty decent main character, but honestly Sazh blew all the others away in my opinion. As a whole, he was the most interesting part of FFXIII to me. It wasn't a bad game, but it was severely restricted for an RPG which made the fans angry who were used to excess stat work, large amounts of customization, and wider/open worlds.

Hellsvacancy2318d ago

Some of the littler moments in FF13 i liked, mainly due to Sazh, he was quite a cool character, i had nothing against him, i hated the rest of them, i think it was more due to the voice actors

I didnt finish FF13, would of liked to of known what happened to Sazh (im gonna go look now)

user54670072318d ago (Edited 2318d ago )

"on how good of a character Lightning from FFXIII"

Good....she's terrible

She's bland, boring, a moan, depressing and at the end of the day a massive b*tch.

It seemed like they tried to copy bits and bobs from Clouds and Squalls personality but they failed and she turned out to be a mess. I mean the thing is nearly the entire cast of FF13 is terrible so luckly she blends in pretty well.

But no...I don't want to see her story continued.

Reason number one is because the majority of FF fans don't want any more FF13 crap, the second reason is as I've said she's terrible as a character and lastly it will be crap just like FF13 and FF13-2.

Can we please just have Versus or FF15...least with FF15 you guys can start over so every FF fan is interested not just FF13 fans

AztecFalcon2318d ago

Were we playing the same game? I never heard Lightning moan or act depressed once. She just kept pressing forward with the mission.

rhap2318d ago (Edited 2318d ago )

No matter how good the character is, the game is boring and the story is crap. Even if she had any potential, the world and game she's stuck in is disappointing.

No, no more Lightning, please, because that means more FF13.

PrimeLantern2318d ago

I like Lightning. She's my leader in Theatrhythm.

Elda2318d ago (Edited 2318d ago )

I happened to like & enjoyed playing FF-XIII it's my second favorite after FF-X that's because FF-X had a much better story than XIII & Lightning is my favorite character,I do personally agree that Square needs to proceed to push FFvsXIII out the door & give us a FF-XV but there are a couple million fans of the FF-XIII story & they want more of Lightnings story including myself but they should just make a seperate game just for Lightning & maybe don't put the FF stamp on it so the haters can be quiet but it maybe just too late for that.I still don't get why do people come to a postive discussion about a game that they supposedly don't have any interest in or they claim to dislike & just rant with negative comments....such wasted time & energy.