The Trouble with PS3 Trophies

Push Square: "Love them or loathe them, Trophies have become an important part of the PlayStation experience. Introduced in mid-2008 to muted fanfare, the digital trinkets have bloated in popularity over the past four years, promoting dedicated online communities and even minor gaming celebrities. But while the rewards look certain to play a pivotal role in the future of Sony’s gaming plans, we’re not entirely convinced that developers have found a way to fully leverage the potential of the system. Trophies, in their current guise, are flawed."

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GribbleGrunger2270d ago (Edited 2270d ago )

Is this a follow up to the other article on the main page?

get2sammyb2270d ago

Hah, it's actually not. Just a coincidence.

Nes_Daze2270d ago (Edited 2270d ago )

The MGS4 main story or the OTHER one. lol

Knushwood Butt2269d ago

I think this article was introduced to muted fanfare.

JDcg2269d ago

That was honestly my first thought.

Hellsvacancy2269d ago

The trouble with PS3 trophies is because of them, we know have to deal with articles like this

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ChunkyLover532270d ago

The only problem I have with Trophies is that they weren't mandatory until 2009, I wish Sony would have implemented them at the start of the PS3's life. I mean they had a whole year where the Xbox 360 had Achievements and they had to realize how successful they were. Why not work it out for launch?

Hicken2269d ago

Why should they be mandatory? Speaking for myself, I don't really care about trophies. I've spent most of my gaming career without extraneous achievements that do nothing for me in-game; these past few years WITH them hasn't been dramatically improved by the inclusion of trophies.

Likely, they were added later ONLY because of the success of the 360's achievements. Until then, I doubt they even thought they were necessary.

ChunkyLover532269d ago

Simply put, I personally don't like playing through games that lack an Achievement system. I know its something that some people wont agree with, but I have actually found some very quality games by playing a game with easy Achievements that I probably wouldn't have played through otherwise, so its at least a double edged sword.

They should definitely be mandatory and I'm glad they are. Honestly, having Achievements caused me to build up quite a lot of Gamerscore early on with 3rd party games, and because they all supported Achievements since the Xbox 360's launch, that is the console I buy 99% of my 3rd party games on.

ZeroChaos2270d ago (Edited 2270d ago )

The problem with trophies is a shared problem with achievements. Most of them listed to get more people to play them, for longer hours and doesn't factor in rewarding the player in the correct way.

Resistance's 10,000 one was inspired by Gears which it was in direct competition with according to gaming outlets. The same with Dead Rising achievement killing xx,xxx amount of zombies which L4D, DR2, DR:OTR and Prototype game copied.

I think as well dedicated fans will have no problem achieving those types of trophies/achievements its just a pain.

I do wish if they make us go on a collecting mission that I have some on screen prompt to help me find them Prototype 2 was a god send with the "pulse", Spiderman is a ball ache until you get around half way, and most other games just go we've hidden them have fun (GTA for example) thought there is no fun at all looking in such a big world like that for them.

-Alpha2270d ago

I'm telling you, TimeSplitters did it best (and other games of that nature):

You can tackle a challenge and get bronze, but keep doing that same challenge to turn that bronze into a silver, or gold. That way, a truly skilled player would have more gold trophies than bronze, and it would make the trophy system actually make sense

TheDivine2269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

Good idea. Id also like rewards for your trophies/achievements. Maybe from the dev like a new costume, level, weapons exc or from ms/sony themselves. Make your gamerscore be spendable on a special section of the store for exclusive avatar items, arcade games, movie rentals exc. The people with high scores obviously play more and more loyal customers. Rewards would make more people play more thus benefiting everybody.

Nintnedo rewards is a good start although a pain because you register a game and take a survey. You can get real stuff and games though. Tie that into the wii-u's nline and hopefully the trophy/coin/stars (whatever i HOPE they use for achievements) and we would have a winner.

12345bnm2270d ago

The only problem i have is that i can't see my Vita trophies on my PS3.

ToZanarkand862270d ago

Stupid that, you cant even see people online on Vita when you're using PS3!

NautilusXIII2270d ago

well, if their avatar keeps loadin'(via ps3), you'll know if they r on vita.

OldSnakePS32270d ago

my only problem is heavenly sword and resistance 1 dont have em

DigitalRaptor2270d ago (Edited 2270d ago )

Valkyria Chronicles and Folklore too. Those are the only 4 I really want to be patched.

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