What Ever Happened To Splitscreen Gaming?

Gone the way of the dinosaur, and just as tragic.

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ApolloTheBoss2361d ago

Isn't dead yet. Borderlands 2 keeping it on life support. :D

NukaCola2361d ago

Halo, Gears, Twisted Metal, Killzone 3.

There is still love out there for the couch parties and broski game-a-thons in this gen.

versusALL2361d ago

Theres nothing like pumping relentless bullets into your friends heads and having to hear him scream in anguish next to you.

I wish more games would put spitscreen into there games like Uncharted for example.

Hufandpuf2361d ago

There are a number of factors

The devs get lazy
The game design does not suit splitscreen
The tech is too old
Run out of time
Dont want to lose graphics quality

DarkTower8052361d ago

I think it's because the publisher would rather sell 2 copies for the people looking to play co-op. If you do splitscreen then people only need to buy 1 copy.

CommonSenseGamer2361d ago

"The devs get lazy".

That's a lazy opinion. Game development is a business. Adding in split screen costs time and money. If adding it in is not likely to generate significant revenue for a devlopment house then why would they?

Honestly, do you really think developers turn up to work and decide to cut things from a game cause they are feeling lazy!?!

Hufandpuf2360d ago (Edited 2360d ago )

"do you really think developers turn up to work and decide to cut things from a game cause they are feeling lazy!?!"

Not in every case of course, but I do believe there are instances where devs slack off in terms of content.

Fyflin2361d ago

In the days of the N64 (goldeneye, Mario kart etc) and even in the early days of the original Xbox (halo anyone!) online gaming, at least as far as widespread console gaming went, didn't exist.

The only option for multiplayer was split screen or system link.

Now every game with any kind of multiplayer caters for online first as this is the way most people play multiplayer games. It's just a bonus when games like Halo, Gears etc allow split screen.

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