Europe Weekly Chart, Ending 28th Jul 2012


1: 3DS - 71,708 (+155%)
2: PS3 - 50,819 (+5%)
3: X360 - 30,714 (+6%)
4: Wii - 19,907 (+13%)
5: PSP - 14,988 (-4%)
6: PSV - 14,865 (-4%)
7: DS - 9,531 (+1%)

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Xperia_ion2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

Congrats 3DS you ain't a monster in specs, but you're a monster in hardware sales and software sales.

PoSTedUP2265d ago

yeah i was playng mario tennis in 3D for the first time. it's cool but nothing special, it seems like they just move an internal back screen a little farther back. i still want one tho.

Series_IIa2265d ago

3DS - 71,708 (+155%)

How did that happen?

raytraceme2265d ago

The new super mario bros. 2 happened.

Squatch832265d ago

Mario is not out in Europe for 2 more weeks. Itll be the added XL sales.

Samus HD2265d ago

there just is no Fu*king reason...

Belking2265d ago

3ds is just killing it. Vita really has its work cut out.

ChunkyLover532265d ago ShowReplies(1)
thehusbo2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

Great ps3 numbers. It's just miles ahead of the other home consoles in Europe these days. Good boost for the 3ds too.

andibandit2265d ago

these days? dude it's been like this in europe for a long time, altho the box does go beserk during the xmas holidays season.

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