PES 2013: 5 things you need to know

My Gaming - PES 2012 was a strong step-up for Konami’s football series, and with PES 2013 on the horizon, the long-running franchise is looking to prove it has the authenticity and level of fidelity to beat that “other” footie rival.

The game is said to be “returning to its roots”, while also bringing some new features to mix it up on the virtual pitch; but what are the most important elements that PES 2013 is offering players this season?

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berndogskate2358d ago

Enjoyed the demo so will pick it up, a big improvement over 2012 effort

AcceptedWalnut2358d ago

Feel exactly the same way. My only gripe is AI lofted through balls, they seem to work almost all the time against me.

I am quite shoddy at defending though, so that probably doesn't help.

S_C2358d ago

Played the demo and it wasn't too bad thing i hate tho is the fake names on stuff ....Royal London Stadium < hate that shit

berndogskate2358d ago

Yeah there is still a few niggles but overall its impressive for a demo

rob852358d ago

the only reason why i choose PES over FIFA is the gameplay.PES gameplay despite of unrealistic animation compared to FIFA is much more immersive. I've never scored the same goals in every match but the same can't be said about FIFA.Defensive and attacking AI in FIFA is so horrible.