GamesRadar - Persona 4 Arena gameplay - QuickPlay

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PoSTedUP2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

i am so in love with this franchise that ima buy this game when it's totally not my kind of fighting game. Almost just for the music... really for the story mode tho. i just got excited for this game.

no but seriously play Persona3portable then Persona4 (or 4golden). my favorite games ever. the battling system and animations are just epic, the characters are lovable, the music is incredible, the atmosphere entices you, story is amazing and with a perfect balance of daily tasks and fighting etc.

DivineAssault 2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

i really want this title but i know there will be an extended version sooner or later.. $60 for 13 characters is a bit pricey but if the game is deep enough ill pay it.. Ark System + Persona = Greatness! Its very rare that you see hand drawn games.. I like them because it seems as if they have soul & creativity in every drawn animation.. Polygons are good too but they took the heart out of alot of games..

^^^ Dont buy this game if u dont like fighting games dude.. I know itl be hard to miss out on story modes for them but if u dont like Guilty Gear or Blaz Blue, u might not care for this.. It took me a while to get used to those games coming from Marvel vs Capcom type games but im glad i did.. Theyre effing amazing & underrated.. Well nvm cuz u might fall in love with their work like i did..