GamesRadar - The Expendables 2: The Game review

GamesRadar - Don’t be fooled. At first glance, digital-only release The Expendables 2: The Game looks like it might be a simple but fun movie tie-in with its big explosions, Sylvester Stallone-caliber action stars, and a massive bullet (and body) count, but unfortunately, it’s severely lacking in its delivery. Between the cut down roster of famous faces from the movie’s cast, frustrating control mechanics and noticeable lack of polish, the movie tie-in gives few reasons to invest your time and money in a download.

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guitarded772358d ago

Yeah, the score is a bit harsh, but isn't a very good game. It is fun in co-op though. But it's a rinse and repeat game with horrible visuals and audio... I'd give it at least a 5/10 though because it's not a broken mess, and like I said, the co-op is fun. Stallone's character sounds even more retarded than Stallone in real life. I hope Rambo sounds better.