GamesRadar - Battlefield 3: Armored Kill DLC - Video interview

GamesRadar - We had a chance to talk the developers at DICE about the upcoming Battlefield 3: Armored Kill DLC coming this September at this year's EA Summer Showcase. Armored Kill introduces players to some of the biggest Battlefield maps ever created and will give you access to new vehicles and weapons.

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Gorbenshore2359d ago

Very impressive. AC130 should be fun to have around

DERKADER2359d ago

I not sure if I like the idea of an on rails vehicle, but the having it as a mobile spawn sounds cool. I guess well just have to wait and find out.

Mocat2359d ago

I stopt playing Bf3 but this makes me want to play it again.

ATi_Elite2359d ago

Planetside 2 has a flying spawn point that you can actually CONTROL!

I will play Armored Kill for a little bit but once Planetside 2 comes out.....Battlefield Who?

mep692359d ago

Hope in BF4 that you get to play different countries. I don't want to fight as or against America all the time. I want to use my own country.

AO1JMM2359d ago

I agree there should be different countries IMO. Different squads on a team can be separate countries (allies).

mep692359d ago

yer that sounds cool, like in CS you can be swat sas etc. :P