Gaming’s most contradictory, hypocritical, foot-in-mouth, and "whoopsie" statements

GamesRadar - Developers and publishers are pushed into the public eye more and more nowadays, which means they have more opportunities to say things that they... might not mean. With Gabe Newell recently trashing Windows 8, we thought it was a good of time as any to assemble our favorite examples of game industry professions being forced to go back on their word.

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-Mezzo-2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

How can someone deny such a huge disaster (RROD).


Sony says that rumble is a “last generation feature"... LMAO.

units2268d ago

How can someone deny such a huge disaster (PSN Breach)

-Mezzo-2268d ago

No one can, it was a catastrophe.

(You Expected Me To Defend It, Didn't You)

iamnsuperman2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

Well they didn't deny it just didn't tell anyone for 6 days while they investigated it/eating lunch/ doing whatever no-one really knows why it took so long. Articles at the time thought Anon just took down the servers or Sony had a massive technical issue which they hinted at. Big difference between this and the article but never mind.

elhebbo162267d ago

so apologizing, giving free games and a 1 month subscription to plus is denying now a day's? not sure if fanboyism or ignorance.