TeamXbox - Deadlight Review

TeamXbox - It used to be platformers immediately conjured up images of bright and colorful romps. But on the XBLA however, there is a healthy amount of platformers that serve up doom and gloom alongside their running and jumping. In the tradition of such cheery fare like Limbo comes Deadlight.

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AO1JMM2270d ago

Fun game and I love the overall look of it as well.

JellyJelly2270d ago

I really don't get all the low scores for this game. It's one of the best XBLA games this year for me.

hennessey862269d ago

The only thing I can think of that will knock the score down to a 7 at the very least is the length other than that its perfect.

DigitalRaptor2269d ago


I don't doubt that this is a good game. But a perfect game doesn't get knocked 3 points down the scale for its length.