Proof of Xbox 360 RRoD Insider's Authenticity

8bitjoystick, who published "Inside Source Reveal the Truth About Xbox 360 'Red Ring of Death' Failures" (listed under Alternative Sources), provides photographic proof that his source for the interview is real, worked at Microsoft, and was a major engineer in the Xbox division.


What you are about to see are photos of the insider's custom "Ship It" trophy that Microsoft awards to key players of their projects. The designs of these awards are different for each project, and each award/design is distributed in limited quantity.

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power of Green 4823d ago

Well some how this crap got appoved but not before I graded the quality of the post. Its not proof of anything and the editing suggest news and proof but is only a photo. Maybe I'll use this photo so I can tell people I worked for MSFT.

gamesR4fun4823d ago (Edited 4823d ago )

what just use your last pay stub pog

power of Green 4823d ago (Edited 4823d ago )

One comment sence January 25, 2008 on his blog.

I don't understand, is this suppose to the only time these photos have ever been on the Web? or the only person that has shown trophies? of this kind ever, I dont get how having these pics prove anything. Its great for media whores and people trying to win money.

Now I have them, they'll come in handy when I tell people I'v worked at MSFT.
Is his name on the trophies?.

Should have atleast photo shopped something.

MikeGdaGod4822d ago

your level of denial is amazing

marionz4823d ago

how did this slip through the approval process? i mean this is NEWS for gamers isnt it?

power of Green 4823d ago (Edited 4823d ago )

And BAM!!! it was here.

The contributor is on a mission. They no longer look for anything other than fud.

No one even pays this 8bitjoystick dude any mind.

Gina-get-u4822d ago (Edited 4822d ago )

The man is essentially saying that launch model 360s, and to a lesser extent even the later models, have a higher than average chance of failing regardless of how carefully the manufacturer put it together because it's design is inherently screwed up, and MS knew, or should have known of these problems but sold it to the public anyway.

That's some pretty serious sh!te right there. Let's take a minute to think about it.

If what the insider said turns out to be false, whether because he outright lied or just played fast and loose with the facts, MS can sue for defamation, and take to the cleaners, not just the insider, but also every other website that reprinted his comments. Moreover, there would be some special hell for the publishers to pay if it turns out that the insider wasn't a real insider after all.

For those a little slow on the uptake, let me get a bit more obvious: if a court or jury ever determines that the insider's statements are in fact libelous, there may be a good chance that N4G TOO CAN GET HOSED for reprinting what he said, because each publication of the insider's claims would be considered a separate and distinct act of libel.

I know most, if not all respectable and well run websites and publications have internal procedures for vetting stories to avoid or minimize potential libel exposure. Most, if not all, also have access to retained libel counsel to help them steer clear of any major bumps. Also, most, if not all, pay libel insurance premiums, just in case.

But this is N4G. Respectable isn't exactly the first word that comes to mind when people think of this place. The patients run the assylum here.

I'm not saying N4G is in any kind of trouble already. Personally, I suspect a lot of what the insider is saying may be true anyway. And well, maybe N4G does have libel insurance and libel counsel on retainer, and that people here run a tight ship after all, appearances notwithstanding. But that would come as a big surprise to me. Did you guys a least sit down and talk about the potential crap before running with this tip? Didn't you notice that IGN and all the other major players haven't been scooping each other on this story, despite its potential magnitude?

mighty_douche4823d ago

Im not really sure what the story is about?

Proof of RROD? whaa? im confused. Was there a previous story?

Mr_Kuwabara4822d ago

The insider was pretty much talking about Microsoft rushing the 360, not giving the 360 proper tests including engineering, reliability etc etc.

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